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10 best summer scents for 2021 that won’t fade


“Maxi perfumes for summer” is not a line you will read everywhere else. But it’s GLAMOR, and we love a renegade idea. You see, historically it’s a hard ‘no’ to suggest anything other than airy colognes on hot days.

Historically, you have to be polite and not leave anything stronger than a light drizzle of lemon on your skin. Well, historically, these types of scents last around four seconds. So now is the time to make your own beauty story and smell as powerful as you want it to be, whatever the rules.

And what a summer to do it! There is so much good energy in the air: life is slowly picking up and there are more lush heatwaves on the horizon. Why wouldn’t you want to step out of the house with a spectacular scent aura to match this season of fun?

This iconic 24-hour scent splits Instagram, but trust us, it’s the £ 22 spring skin scent everyone should own (and it sells out every 6 seconds)

So let’s look at the joy and warmth with radiant flavors of heat, rather than fighting it. Below we have the Dream Fragrance Edition, chosen for their lasting power but still with that bright, sunny vibe – and trust me, they’re as appetizing as they are major.

Concrete example: the new and brilliant Herm̬s Twilly Eau Ginger Eau de Parfum, released on July 1st, almost made me burn with joy when I smelled it for the first time. It describes 100% exactly what it feels like to live right now: bathed in sunshine and fun Рand embellished with a flash of mischief that will be with you all day long.

At first you get a huge cluster of peonies fresh from the garden, then a warm stream of candied ginger and a long, dry persistence of smooth woods that really feel set on a hot day of flying. All in all, it’s scathing and spicy and makes you feel all blurry inside, like spraying an unstoppable burst of laughter and falling into a euphoric, endorphinic descent where you can’t stop smiling.

This new SPF brand has been sold six times and has the Queens Skincare Seal of Approval. Come on, is it really that good?

It’s the latest take on the original Hermès Twilly, which already featured a hint of ginger, but this time perfumer Christine Nagel pushed it to its limits and turned it into a new flavor.

“It is true and quite typical of my creations that when I work on a material, I like to transform it and make it say the opposite of what is commonly accepted”, specifies Christine.

“[After making the original Twilly] I was not done with ginger and wanted to reshape it in a different style. This exercise can be compared to the work on the Brides de Gala scarf, Hermès’ iconic design which has been artistically reinterpreted since 1957.

“I retained the searing heat of ginger while softening the texture to make it more floral, cheerful, elegant and immediate. I drew from it its finesse and subtlety, making it more supple and giving it a succulent character with a new breadth.

Christine Рwho has been at Maison Herm̬s since 2014 Рhas this rare and emotionally connected insight for mixing fragrances as if they were characters Рstuffed with identity traits and quirks that smell like their aura of personality.

“Twilly Eau Ginger has an unwavering joie de vivre,” she says. “He can get away with anything. It’s transgressive, a kind of liberating invitation not to take anything seriously, neither yourself nor your scent.

This is exactly what scent should be: fun, spiritually uplifting, and a beautiful sensory experience in time to cement a great moment today, or bring back a nostalgic memory from the past.

Here are 10 other scents that burst with summer sensations; some novelties, some revisited classics… and all of them absolutely need them now…


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