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12 ways to savor a summer staple


Our food calendar has two seasons: the heirloom tomato season and, unfortunately, the rest of the year. When heirloom tomatoes weigh on the tables of farmers’ markets and fill the bins of our neighborhood market, we take care of it. Here are 12 heirloom tomato recipes that we love to spend the hours of a summer day working with.

Stop by the farmer’s market and pull out the extra virgin olive oil, the right vinegar, and the pure sea salt because every ingredient in this salad has to be perfect. Get our Recipe for heirloom tomato salad with herbs.

As with any heirloom tomato recipe, this classic salad is simplicity at its best, so the high quality of each ingredient is essential. Get our caprese salad recipe.

Hot pasta meets cold heirloom tomatoes, fresh, basil, extra virgin olive oil, olives and feta. A powerfully fragrant summer taste follows. Get our Heirloom tomato pasta recipe.

Stuffed tomatoes are easy, warm, and delicious (and of course, gorgeous) – a winning combo for sure. These have garlic butter crumbs on top, almost like a deconstructed tomato pie. Get the Roasted stuffed heirloom tomato recipe.

If you have a rainbow of heirloom tomatoes on hand, try making small amounts of gazpacho that showcase the beautiful color and specific flavor of each. Get the Heirloom tomato gazpacho recipe.

A pizza crust with a serving of whole wheat flour gives this summery beauty a solid foundation (but it’s just as good on a gluten-free crust). The heirlooms, fresh mozzarella and basil do the rest. Replace it with smoked mozzarella for a nice touch. Get the Heirloom Tomato Pizza Recipe.

Italian sausage and shredded mozzarella combine with beautiful heirloom tomatoes for this tasty and delicious brunch that opens your eyes, because you’ll want to eat them all day while you can. Get the Heirloom Tomato Breakfast Casserole Recipe.

Cucumber, red onion, arugula and cubed crusty bread combine with summer tomatoes in this delicious starter salad. Adding some fresh, milky mozzarella or burrata couldn’t hurt. Get the Panzanella salad with heirloom tomatoes.

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