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16 of the best advent calendars with food and drink 2021


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  • Add a touch of cheerfulness to your December mornings or evenings with these best 2021 food advent calendars.

    There’s something for everyone in our round-up of Christmas Advent calendars. These chocolate-free advent calendars are full of sumptuous snacks, hearty hot drinks and hot drinks to get you in the mood. Many of them also have amazing prices and can be added to your weekly grocery store.

    From mini cheeses and shortbread cookies to herbal teas and hot sauce, you won’t miss these classic chocolate advent calendars or the best beauty countdown to Christmas advent calendars. So grab them before they inevitably sell out.

    Best Food Advent Calendars 2021

    Credit: B&M

    1. 24 Days Hot Sauce Advent Calendar for Chilli Lovers

    Do you know a sauce lover who can handle the heat? Treat them to this Hot Sauce 24 Days Advent Calendar for chili lovers. It certainly gets our vote for one of the best food advent calendars because of its unique offering and low price (only £ 5!). You’ll find 24 bottles – made up of 12 fiery flavors – behind each door.

    SEE AT B&M | £ 5

    Ilchester Cheese Advent Calendar

    Credit: Ocado

    2. Ilchester Cheese Advent Calendar

    Believe in cheddar, the Advent Ilchester Cheese is back with 24 delicious cheeses to savor in December. New for its fifth year, the limited edition Ilchester Apple, Onion & Sage cheese is sure to spread (tasty) joy. Enjoy one as a savory snack or pair it with a cracker for a light treat after tea. And at this price, we think you’ll agree this is one of the best food advent calendars on the market.

    SEE IN OCADO | £ 8

    Cartwright and Butler food advent calendar 2021

    Credit: Cartwright & Butler

    3. Cartwright & Butler Food Advent Calendar

    Food advent calendars are no better than this bumper set from the teatime treat specialists Cartwright & Butler. With everything from shortbread cookies and Earl Gray tea bags to gourmet crackers and onion chutney – it’s an ultra-indulgent countdown to Christmas. And that doesn’t include the whole frozen Christmas cake you’ll find behind Door 24 …

    SEE IN SELFRIDGES | £ 249.99

    The Spicery has one of the best food advent calendars

    Credit: L’Épicerie

    4. 12 Christmas Curries Advent Calendar

    Each door contains a recipe for a Christmas dish, which can be made using the accompanying Curry Legend spice blends! Delights and ideas for entertaining at Christmas… isn’t this one of the best chocolate-free advent calendars for 2021? Pre-order now for delivery in October.


    One of the best foodie advent calendars - Joe and Seph's Gourmet Popcorn

    Credit: Joe and Seph’s

    5. Joe & Seph Gourmet Popcorn Advent Calendar

    The serial snacker’s dream advent calendar is here in the form of the Joe & Seph Gourmet Popcorn Advent Calendar. It’s packed with award-winning gourmet popcorn in a stunning selection of 19 unique flavors including Banoffee Pie, Brandy Butter, Gingerbread, Mint Chocolate, Pumpkin Spice, Speculoos, Salted Caramel and more. Probably one of the most dreamlike chocolate-free advent calendars.

    SEE AT BOOTS | £ 20

    Whittard Hot Chocolate has one of the best chocolate-free Advent calendars

    Credit: Whittard

    6. Whittard Hot Chocolate Advent Calendar for Two (24 teabags)

    With this advent calendar, you no longer have to argue with your partner over who will have the treat of the day because it is designed for two! There are 12 unique flavors to savor from classics like Luxury White and more adventurous flavors like Sticky Toffee Pudding and Peanut Butter. The art deco design will bring a touch of class to the room you display it in. A must have for any hot chocolate lover.

    SEE AT WHITTARD | £ 60.00

    The Harrods Sweet Calendar is one of the best food advent calendars for 2021

    Credit: Harrods

    7. Harrods Glow-in-the-Dark Candy Advent Calendar for Kids

    Candy canes, sparkling balls, sorbet seeds and white jazzies ?! This Harrods children’s candy calendar contains all of our favorites from the corner store and is easily one of the best chocolate-free advent calendars for 2021. the-dark feature – perfect for brightening up those cold winter nights.

    SEE AT HARRODS | £ 20

    Candy Kitten advent calendar 2021

    Credit: Candy Kitten

    8. Christmas Advent Calendar Tree for Vegan Candy Kittens

    This one-of-a-kind Advent calendar unfolds into a 3D tree filled with delicious vegan treats. Flavors include sour watermelon, tropical mango, wild strawberry, and blueberry happiness. And the good news is it’s back for 2021 – just be sure to pre-order now for delivery on September 8.

    SEE AT CANDY | £ 12

    9. Pukka organic Christmas calendar

    One of our top rated chocolate free advent calendars. Whether you open your calendar in the morning or relax for the night, this Pukka calendar is the perfect way to take a minute to enjoy your free time. It’s stocked with a selection of classic Night Time and English Breakfast Pukka teas at Ginseng Matcha Green. It’s great value for money and brilliant for a cool December.

    SEE ON AMAZON | £ 8.99

    Advent calendar

    Credit: Cheesies

    10. Cheese Advent Calendar

    These baked mini cheeses are one or two generous and delicious bites to enjoy each morning during the countdown to Christmas. You’ll find 24 full-size, 20g bags of cheese you can slip into, including cheddar, chili cheddar, goat cheese and gouda. And they will delight your taste buds until the big day.

    SEE CHEESIES | £ 29.99

    2021 Walkers Shortbread Advent Calendar

    Credit: Walkers

    11. Walkers Shortbread Advent Calendar 2021

    Imagine waking up and enjoying a delicious shortbread cookie every day before Christmas… Fortunately, the shortbread gods – or rather the walkers – have answered our prayers and presented us with this calendar of 24 biscuit doors for 2021. Variations of Original milk chocolate shortbread cookies and other surprise cookies, it’s the perfect advent to open and enjoy with your morning cup of tea.

    SEE IN THE WALKERS | £ 17.99

    Snaffling Pig has one of the best Advent calendars

    Credit: Snaffling Pig

    12. Snaffling Pig Merry Piggin ‘Christmas Pork Crackling Advent Calendar

    If you love pork snacks but don’t want alcohol, Snaffling Pig has one of the best chocolate-free advent calendars for you. This A3 Advent Calendar with 24 mini pork cracker sachets comes with a variety of flavors so you’ll never get bored, and there’s a gluten-free version – a bonus!

    SEE AT BOOTS | £ 18.50

    food and drink advent calendars |  advent calendar munchking

    Credit: Munchkings

    13. Munchkings Christmas Advent Calendar

    For an advent calendar that will appeal to those who don’t like chocolate, the hazelnut version of MunchKing is ideal. From smoked paprika coated nuts to wasabi peanuts, there is a delicious offer to suit every taste.

    SEE ON AMAZON | £ 39.99

    Fortnum and Mason 2021 tea advent calendar

    Credit: Fortnum and Mason

    14. Fortnum & Mason Christmas Tea Lovers Advent Calendar

    Sip the chilly mornings leading up to Christmas Day in true Fortnum & Mason style. The luxury food retailer’s cozy and cute countdown features a selection of festive teas such as spicy Christmas green tea, Gin & Tonic flavor green tea, Rose Pouchong and the famous royal blend hidden behind every door in cardboard.

    SEE AT FORTNUM & MASON | £ 25.00

    2021 Coffee Pact Advent Calendar

    Credit: Pacte

    15. Advent Calendar Café du Pacte

    They certainly keep us waiting – Pact has yet to release details of their 2021 schedule. But if it’s anything like last year, we know it’s worth the wait. Behind each of the 25 doors hides a unique and exclusive coffee compatible with aeropress, filter and coffee maker preparation methods. It’s the perfect calendar for any coffee lover who wants to experience a new favorite blend and roast profile.

    SEE IN THE PACT | £ 29.95

    2021 Craft Gin Club Advent Calendar

    Credit: Craft Gin Club

    16. The Very Happy Gin Advent Calendar

    This Craft Gin Advent Calendar is our choice for Christmas 2021 for two good reasons. You’ll find 25 different (and very drinkable) winter gin surprises to enjoy every day. Gathered in award-winning distilleries across the country – hello mini Cambridge Dry Gin and Cornish Gin from Tarquin. And if that’s not enough, they invited everyone’s favorite TV breakfast presenter (and Craft Gin Club Ambassador) Mr. Philip Schofield to share his serving suggestions, tasting notes and the overall glow. by Schofe. Just scan the QR code to view the video behind the door.

    SEE AT CRAFT GIN CLUB | £ 99.95


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