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5 cute and comfy fall layers you’re going to want to live in


Fall is the official layering season, period. Yes, there are plenty of pumpkin spice lattes and colorful (and crunchy!) Leaves layered sets that are both comfy and chic. Because spending the day in a pumpkin patch isn’t the same without the added bonus of a really nice outfit, Okay?

Of course, the key to creating a perfectly layered look is in the outerwear and accessories (really!). Start with a basic t-shirt and jeans, then layer a few unexpected and really gorgeous pieces, and that’s a recipe for success every time, folks. And the very best of all, you can invest in a few basics, like a classic tweed jacket (Shelli Segal’s laundry has ~ tons ~ of cute options) or a raised quilted coat – and wear them all season long. Simply change your outfit underneath and voila! You have another really gorgeous fall outfit. All it takes is a little creativity and some very helpful advice from yours truly. Before you know it, your fall layers will be dramatically improved.

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Don’t hit it until you tweed it

Checkered wrap coat

Laundry by Shelli Segal

There is just something so fancy about tweed. And when it transforms into the ultimate fall coat, nothing can quite match its potential. Simply put, tweed is timeless, which of course is why a tweed jacket can effortlessly enhance your fall look. Slip one over a basic black turtleneck and jeans for drinks with the girls. Or layer it on top of your favorite suit for a sophisticated office ensemble. Think of tweed as a (very chic) ​​neutral that goes well with your entire wardrobe.


Put on a pair of (printed) tights

Young heart tights

Could we even talk about fall layering without mentioning tights? Of course, having an over the top fall shoe collection is fun and fun until you end up pairing them with the same pair of skinny jeans every day. Step into the iconic (albeit underused) pair of winter tights. Whether you stick with classic solid black or jazz with a fun print – florals, checks, tie-dye, glitter, checkerboard, neon – your options are endless.


Take luxury hand warmers

Hand warmers

Laundry by Shelli Segal

Autumn weather has its drawbacks. We’ve all been there, folks: you’re walking through the leaves when a sudden cold wind blows through and almost freezes you deep inside. But because we’re all on preventative measures this season, let us introduce you to Hand Warmers (aka your new BFF). Gloves and mittens often keep you from scrolling through TikTok, but a pair of luxe hand warmers keep you warm while easing your addiction to organization videos. It’s a win-win solution and also serves as a gorg accessory.


Throw a vest over … anything

Collegiate Sweater Vest


Ah, the vest. It’s the unexpected heroic piece of the season that also happens to be perfect for fall layering. A little preppy and very trendy, sweater cardigans are a fall staple. The best part? You can grab one and style it a million different ways. Slip one over a shirt dress and over the knee boots, or wear it with an oversized blazer and corduroy skirt. It is that simple! Adding a cardigan to your fall outfit just might be the easiest (and cutest) way to upgrade your wardrobe.


Layer on a comfortable sling

Matisse HM-4 Scarf

Do not worry ! These aren’t the ponchos you (unfortunately) wore at first. Think more elegant, more chic and elevated beyond belief. Today’s oversized scarves are basically just luxurious blankets that you wear over your favorite fall outfits. From neutral hues and classic throws to unexpected prints and fabrics, these cozy basics are making a comeback in our closets, and we’re not crazy about them. They are such an easy way to keep you warm while adding a layer of sophistication. If you’ve always dreamed of the vibe of a wealthy divorcee with a mysterious past, look no further.

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