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7 Ayurvedic face oils under Rs 899 from Amazon are on offer today


Ayurvedic facial oils are a magic potion that will seal your skincare routine with all the beneficial ingredients your face needs. It moisturizes, moisturizes and makes your face supple and soft. It also helps reduce redness and blemishes. Grab the best face oils from Amazon deals today at great prices. Use these oils as the last step in your skincare routine at night and before sunscreen during the day. This will allow them to act as a barrier and keep moisture well wrapped inside.

Here are 7 Ayurvedic face oils from Amazon deals today:

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1. Vasu Facial Beauty Oil

This face oil is what you need to maintain the youthful appearance of your skin. It stimulates collagen synthesis, improves skin elasticity, revitalizes and also nourishes the skin. With Ayurvedic fragrance and healing properties, this is the best face oil your skin deserves.

Price: Rs 439

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2. Auravedic Kumkumadi Oil

Auravedic uses this knowledge to harness the cleansing and cosmetic properties of natural ingredients. This face oil makes the skin look radiant and glowing and also improves skin tone giving you clear and blemish free skin. Gently massage morning and evening onto clean skin using upward circular motions.


Price: Rs 342

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3. Kum Kumadi Tailam Oil

Kumkumadi Tailam has been the Ayurvedic recipe and is an integral part of the traditional beauty regimen. It contains the exotic and premium herb “Saffron” along with the rich blend of renowned Ayurvedic herbs and several other natural ingredients treated with sesame oil and milk, to give youthful, healthy and radiant skin. .


Price: Rs 200

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4. Inatur face oil

Inatur Kumkumadi Oil is a facial beauty oil that improves skin texture, clarifies skin tone, controls acne, fights pigmentation, evens dark circles and eliminates blemishes. It has anti-irritant properties. It consists of 100% natural herbs and essential oils.


Price: Rs 359

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5. Kumkumadi Tailam Blue Nectar

It is an amazing concoction of herbs that act like a magic elixir for the skin. It contains 26 herbal quotients legendary for their ability to transform skin tone. It rejuvenates skin cells, brightens the complexion and is highly valued for its luminescent properties.


Price: Rs 825

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6. Plum Grapeseed Facial Oil Blend

The Grapeseed & Sea Buckthorn Facial Oil Blend works instantly to restore your natural glow and replenish lost nutrients so your skin glows like a diamond! This unique combination of 100% vegetable oils combats dryness of the skin and restores the natural health and radiance of the skin. Without the fat, we would expect an “oil”.


Price: Rs 642

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7. Juicy Chemistry Face Oil

A nourishing blend of antioxidant-rich oils, it helps support skin repair and promote healthier, glowing skin. This natural face oil is suitable for all skin types facing a dull and uneven complexion. Take 2-3 drops of oil on your clean palms. Gently massage in circular motions until completely absorbed.


Price: Rs 585

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Today’s Amazon deals will help you grab these useful face oils at a lower price than ever before. Make them yours right away as the offers are only valid until tonight. These Ayurvedic facial oils will also be a great gift for your siblings or friends who love skincare.

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