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Elektra Cosmetics announces new Glitter Buffet mobile car

After everything the universe and Mother Nature has thrown at us over the past couple of years, we could all use some sparkle in our lives. A go-to supplier of this sparkle to the city of New Orleans is Elektra Cosmetics.

Elektra Cosmetics has been adding a bit of shine and confidence to Big Easy since 2016 with its mission to amplify self-expression and help all customers live a ‘shameless creative life’.

The two ladies of “Let Them Eat Cake” sported Elektra’s glittery makeup for Mardi Gras, the Saints’ Games, and the many random costume-related events throughout the year as the company has a color and color. glitter for all New Orleans events.

You might have seen Elektra representatives at different events and celebrations all over town, but we love the company’s Glitter Buffet experience for a wedding reception. The company can even create a custom glitter mix to match the colors of the couple’s wedding.

We love the idea of ​​a little “something new” that you share with all of your wedding guests. Matching the colors of your wedding not only looks good, but it engages all of your guests in the wedding experience. Imagine it – Grandma Sophia gets some glitter around her eyes to match yours and the gorgeous dress she chose for your wedding. (Kelly here: if you don’t get that ref, I’m sorry, but we can’t be friends). The images will be invaluable.

Typically, the Glitter Buffet is a table set up in an indoor event space. But Elektra Cosmetics is now bringing glitter to everyone in its new GEM electric car. After hurricanes and a pandemic, the company said it did not have an appropriate retail space to showcase the Glitter Buffet experience and sell the company’s products. Enter a new car.

Elektra Cosmetics announced in an email to its subscribers that the company has “primed, painted and wrapped this little labor of love over the past two months.” The new mobile storefront will hit the streets soon.

We love this new mobile option especially for outdoor weddings. You can’t always control the weather – as we all know too well – and a mobile glitter bar parked behind a mobile champagne bar with Bubble Tap New Orleans looks like the dream team we all need for our celebrations. wedding.

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You will find more information on the organization of the Glitter Buffet during your event here.

Buy Elektra cosmetics here.


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