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Apex Legends Animator Explains Wattson’s Goofy Running Animation


Moy Parra revealed on Twitter why there is an embarrassment in the way Wattson holds his guns and moves around Apex Legends with a behind-the-scenes clip.

Moy Parra, facilitator for Apex Legends, revealed on Twitter that the reason there is a bit of awkwardness in the way Wattson holds his guns is that the developers wanted the innocence of his motion capture model to stay in the game in order to improve his performance. personality and background. Wattson entered the game with Season 2 and is ideal for players who prefer a defensive and supportive style of play.

Apex Legends is a free-to-play Battle Royale first person shooter game that was released in 2019. This team-based battle royale allows players to choose a Legend to play with, all of whom have different powers and personalities. The most recent content update, Season 9: The season of inheritance, brought the new character Valkryie to the game with a new game mode. There is also a battle pass where players can unlock cosmetics, special bonuses and more. It now has over 100 million users worldwide and with new content and seasons on the horizon, that number is likely to increase.

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The innocence that the animators and developers wanted to keep Moy Parra references is that of his niece, who is the model and provided the MoCap for Wattson. Parra explained, “[she] had never held a weapon before in his life and we wanted to capture that natural innocence in all of Wattson’s move sets. “ In the video clip attached to the tweet, Thalia Saylors (MoCap model for Wattson) is seen listening to director Shawn Wilson as he explains the kind of action they need for it. The video includes a side-by-side comparison of Saylors performing the motion capture moves for Wattson and what it looks like animated for the game.

The tweet specifically refers to the differences between Wattson and Bangalore. Wattson is a young character who has never been a gunslinger. She is 22 years old and became a skilled engineer by reading the textbooks of her father, who was the electrical engineer of the competition which serves as the focal point of Apex Legends. She joins the games after an invitation from competitors to make her feel less alone after her father’s death. Bangalore, meanwhile, is a 38-year-old professional soldier who grew up in a military family. Their families and origins are completely different. There is no way that a 22-year-old with no marksmanship training could hold or run with a weapon like a hardened soldier. With the new Genesis Collection event, maybe now is a great time to try out another character’s playstyle and see the character’s depth in their power, animations, and dialogue.

Working with family is not always the biggest decision as there is always a risk that it will deteriorate and these precious relationships will be hurt. However, it is also possible that something incredible will happen and beautiful memories will form. Parra’s connection with Apex Legends is always going to be deeper than that because now he can see his job and his niece every time he sees the game. Apex Legends maybe not for everyone, but adding little differences to the characters, like the way they run or hold a weapon, echoes their personalities and helps players connect with them. It’s these personal stories that make the games so special.

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Apex Legends is available on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC, and will launch on iOS and Android in 2022.

Source: Moy Parra / Twitter

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