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ARITA PORCELAIN LAB Co., Ltd. Successfully complements Arita Ware’s well-established Japanese-made shaving brush


SAGA, Japan–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Arita Porcelain Lab Co.,Ltd. (referred to as Arita Porcelain Lab below; headquarters: Nishimatsuura-gun, Saga) announces that it has successfully made a shaving brush in collaboration with Kumanofude, a company whose brushes have continued to be used for the fine decoration of Arita tableware , while being loved by makeup artists around the world.

For this company we have developed a bowl and shaving brush with a beautiful traditional Arita ware design on the handle. We are pleased to announce that the badger is finished! In the United States, where men’s cosmetics are very prominent, we promote it as a men’s brand made by a well-established oven of Arita products.

Men with healthy, clean skin make a good impression. As part of the personal grooming of attractive men, maintaining beards and skin in good condition impacts preference, sometimes even having an effect on work or romance. We recommend this Japanese-made shaving brush to men who are very concerned about their appearance and their health.

We are pleased to announce that we will start Instagram registration to let you know new information.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/aritaporcelainlab.us/?hl=ja

[Test marketing schedule for Arita porcelain Kumano brush]

  • US Early Summer 2022 Test to Market

  • Fall 2022 Marketing test in Japan

Product developed

We have developed four products: a men’s facial cleansing brush (badger), a whisking bowl, a soap bowl and a tray.

We have adapted our advanced techniques cultivated by tradition as a well-established Japanese manufacturer to modern lifestyles to create a handful of Arita items that are modern and luxurious. Since Arita tableware is made of porcelain, it does not get dirty easily and looks elegant, making it an ideal material.

The bristles of the brush are natural badger hair, which dries naturally, and maintenance is easy.

This project has been adopted by the “JAPAN Brand Development Support Project” 2021 implemented by the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency of Japan.

Cooperation enterprises

CHIKUHODO Co., Ltd. https://www.chikuhodo.com/index.html

Crowdfunding Research Institute Co., Ltd. https://www.crafun.info/

ARITA Porcelain Laboratory Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1804, this brand presents modern and luxurious Arita products suitable for modern lifestyles, while preserving the tradition of Arita products from Yazaemon, more than 200 years old. Handcrafted pottery by experienced artisans and a new series that reinvents the traditional Arita design are both available. In recent years, we also do collaborative projects at exhibitions outside of Japan.

For more information visit https://aritaporcelainlab.com/en/

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