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Avoid Coral Lipstick If You’re Over 65 Best Life


Lipstick is one of the most exciting makeup products out there. In an instant, a pop of red can turn an everyday look into a glam look, while a hint of berry can wake up your features and help you feel your best. However, because lipstick makes such a statement, you’ll want to make sure you choose the best shade for you. As you age, this may mean leaving certain colors behind. Read on to see which lipstick color experts recommend you don’t wear after 65, as well as which ones you should embrace.

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Makeup experts suggest avoiding coral-hued lipstick after age 65 because it can make your teeth appear yellow, which is a sign of aging. So why does it have this effect? Because of its yellow undertones. “This shade can make teeth appear more yellow than when a person wears lipstick with a cooler shade,” explains Laura Roncagliprofessional makeup artist and co-founder of MyBeautik.com.

Coral isn’t the only shade that contains yellow. Browns, peaches, and nudes also have a hint of tint, which means you might want to skip those too.

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The bolder the lip color, the harsher it can look. “To avoid showing age, I recommend staying away from anything that contrasts too much with the wearer’s skin tone — dark on light skin or light on dark skin — or is very shiny,” explains the professional makeup artist. Mandie Brice. She notes that the difference in color between skin and lips can bring out fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth, which you probably want to avoid.

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So what are the best colors to wear instead? Roncagli recommends creamy lipsticks in natural shades. “If you have thin lips, avoid matte lipsticks,” says Roncagli. “They will make your lips look even thinner.”

The only exception to the natural shade rule is if you want to counteract a yellowing smile. “Bright, bold colors that don’t have a large amount of yellow in their makeup are great for making teeth look brighter and whiter,” says a professional makeup artist. Marie Winkenwerder. “These colors register as red (without yellow hues), red-blue hues, or purple hues.”

Of course, you should never skip a color if it makes you feel better either. “I usually say that makeup is a form of self-expression, so women of all ages should wear whatever color they want,” says Brice. “That being said, these are definitely lipsticks that will make women look older, which isn’t usually the point of makeup.”

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Getting amazing lip color after 65 doesn’t just depend on the shade you choose, but also how you maintain your skin and lips. “A major tip for approaching lipstick application is to ensure that the area around the lips and the lips [themselves] are fully hydrated,” says Winkenwerder.

To make sure you get it right, choose a quality lip balm, lip mask, and face cream. If you don’t know where to start, ask your dermatologist for advice. With regular application, you’ll be ready to wear even the most glamorous lipstick with confidence.

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