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Bombay Masala Sandwich: Here’s How To Prepare Niharika Konidelas Favorite Street Food In Mumbai


All lovers of street food will easily find themselves in the latest culinary article by actress Niharika Konidela. The South Indian beauty shared a glimpse of how she started her week on Instagram Stories. This is none other than the popular Bombay Masala Sandwich street treat. In an instant we can spot the three layered sandwich loaded with toppings and sev. Niharika rightly added the hashtag in his caption as “sev overload”. This healthy version of the sandwich is popular among the gallis in Mumbai city. However, you can make this lip-smacking sandwich right in your kitchen because we have its recipe ready.

The crisp Bombay sandwich is a staple in town

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Bombay masala sandwiches don’t need a lot of preparation and can be easily made with edibles available at home. What makes this particular sandwich special is its spicy filling. The sandwich is topped with various chutneys, chaat masala, cucumber, peanuts and mashed potatoes. The toasted sandwich also gets its delight from the coating of butter and cheese. The hot and vibrant sandwich is served with a range of sauces and dips. Do you already want to? Here is the elaborate recipe.

And if you are a fan of Mumbai street food, you should definitely try the most popular dish: Vada pav. The filling snack is basically a batata vada stuffed between pav. The pavé is coated with different spicy, tangy or sweet chutney and served hot with tea.


Try this hearty and tasty Mumbai favorite vada pav

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Another of the most popular local foods in Mumbai is the Misal Pav. This is accompanied by a tasty and extremely spicy sauce made from beans, farsan, sev, chopped onion and cilantro. The tempting curry is served with a wedge of lemon and pav. These recipes are must-haves and give the authentic taste of classic Mumbai Street preparation.

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