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Bugatti Bolide recognized as the most beautiful hypercar in the world


The Bugatti Bolide is considered the lightest and most scandalous hypercar in the history of the brand. But it goes beyond being a quick and quick supercar – it is also the most beautiful hypercar in the world, according to the International Automobile Festival. But from the start, Bugatti designed the Bolide to be extremely functional, and this is the recipe for its supreme beauty.

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Runaway Choice as the most beautiful hypercar

According to Bugatti, the Bolide was the first choice among the four finalists in the “Hypercars” category in terms of prices. He won the award by a substantial margin, according to an expert jury made up of design professionals. The current Bolide is an experimental concept. However, the production form of the hypercar – which would arrive within the next three years – would have very few technical and visual changes.

Bugatti intends to keep the functional design of the Bolide, because that is why its beauty is mystifying. Seeing a Bolide is priceless, but an example is ultra-expensive at 4 million euros. Bugatti will build only 40 examples of the Bolide and will deliver the first units in 2024.

Design focuses on function first, then form

Exterior design Bugatti Bolide

Via Bugatti

Achim Anscheidt, Bugatti Design Director, revealed how the Bolide became the beauty it is. The design team started with the functional core of the hypercar – its four-turbocharged W16 engine. The team rebuilt the Bolide with the bare minimum, thus respecting above all its technical requirements. Anscheidt noted that the design team first focused on function and then developed form.

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As a functional hypercar, the Bolide is inspired by Formula 1 cars, which is why it looks more like those aerodynamically sophisticated racers than the hypercars. Examples of these similarities are its many air ducts, delicate front design, unusually low stance, low-to-ground seating position, and an air intake on the roof. Its striking rear diffuser and dominant rear spoiler also provide downforce.

A must have functional beauty inside

Bugatti Bolide interior

Via Bugatti

But while the Bolide is extremely functional, it still inherits Bugatti’s distinctive personality and tradition, says Nils Sajonz, responsible for special projects at Bugatti Design. Due to its light and nimble nature, the Bolide is pure in both design and purpose – resulting in unmistakable beauty.

The functionality of the Bolide is also apparent inside. There is no trace of the Chiron’s finishing touches. Instead, the cabin features a functional design without the frills or luxuries of Bugatti’s other hypercar offerings. The interior offers minimal distraction and maximum visibility. Featuring a curved wrap-around greenhouse, Bolide’s critical control functions are all accessible to the driver.

Source: Bugatti

Bugatti Bolide front quarter
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