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CEO of a cosmetics nursery school launches a philanthropic effort for Haitian migrants | Children who make AS great


Six-year-old business owner Ava Whittlesey learns that you are never too young to help those in need.

SAN ANTONIO – Ava Whittlesey is a new face on the business scene in Converse. She started a cosmetics business two months ago.

“I once told my mom that I wanted to make lip gloss for people,” Ava said.

Her parents weren’t shocked. Jeremy and Shanet ‘Whittlesey want to support their daughter’s dreams.

“She came to us at random one morning and told us she wanted to start a lip gloss business,” Shanet said.

The Whittleseys encouraged their kindergarten to do her research even though she was not sure what “research” meant.

“We just let her live her dreams as much as she can,” said Shanet ‘.

Ava is a quick study. She got the research and dove into YouTube, looking for the recipe to showcase it.

“She’s like a normal little girl,” her mother said. “She loves lip gloss nail polish like that.”

The six-year-old has found a few options. Ava’s parents invested so that she could start her adventure in the cosmetics business.

“I love lip gloss,” Ava said.

She and her parents worked at home on an all-natural formula for lip gloss and lip balm. Ava named her company Strawberry Creations.

Yes, she is a strawberry lover. It’s also the name her mother Shanet used for a childhood graphics business.

The “Gloss Boss” is not afraid to use his authority as CEO.

“It’s tough sometimes. She’s very bossy,” Jeremy said. “Come on, daddy, put on the tops here!” You are not doing enough.

Ava does pop-ups at Converse Market Days. But the Whittleseys have made it clear that school comes first.

They also open up his understanding of giving. She gives 10 percent of her income to church, according to Christian instructions.

Ava’s parents said she was reluctant at first until their daughter saw a return to her seed. His gifts have widened.

As Haitians migrated to Del Rio, Ava bought bottled water to give to weary travelers to quench their thirst.

“One day, the Haitian people had no water. That’s why I gave them water so they could drink it, ”Ava said.

Now she wants to help them again. On October 30, the young entrepreneur will donate part of her profits for the benefit of migrants. Additionally, she plans to give Haitian girls free samples of her lip gloss and lip balm.

“I want her to know that she is blessed when she blesses others,” said Shanet ‘.

Big lessons for a small CEO who is learning budgeting, balance, priorities, charity and Christianity at such a young age.

Ava wants to join the United States Air Force. She also wants to develop Strawberry Creations.

“Bigger than the planet,” she said.



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