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Chennai-based Deepika Goyal on How to Find Happiness



Happiness is just a breath away. That is, if you do it right, says Deepika Goyal, a breathing coach, who has helped many of her clients resolve their relationship issues, money matters, and self-healing via breathing techniques and other methods. With almost 27 years of practicing alternative healing, Deepika tells us, “It all started with my own personal experience. While some would say I came from a privileged background, when it came to emotional upheaval I realized early on that I needed help. I needed emotional support to get through certain phases of my life. Her struggles propelled her deeper into the art of life coaching and Deepika decided to give back to society – and traveled to the UK for the Louise Hay training program to equip herself with the right qualifications. “I wanted to help others like me – who needed guidance and help navigating through the various challenges life throws at us.”

Deepika goyal

Serendipity call

Deepika’s innate intuitive skills give her insight into a client’s issues in a way that straddles reason and faith, as with most alternative healings. “My introduction to the Subconscious Liberation Technique (SRT) was pure fluke. Out of curiosity, I was following a thread on Facebook last year during the lockdown, and quickly found myself deeply interested in SRT. She continues to share customer testimonials with us that range from health issues like Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Tinnitus (Ringing in the Ears) to Money Matters and even Personal Issues like Finding a Suitable Life Partner. “Most physical illnesses are emotional. You will be surprised at the importance of forgiveness – not just forgiving others but yourself – because often we carry the burden of guilt in our subconscious. Other emotions like anger, jealousy and resentment also pull us down. I hope to help my clients let go of their expectations, be more productive and be in the best shape possible! Says the life coach, who adds that gratitude and self-esteem are powerful tools on the road to wellness.

The process

As we reflect on the theory of karma and the importance of exploring her inner child, we ask Deepika about the process she is going through. “As a Mind and Energy Coach and Subconscious Liberation Therapist, I begin the process by focusing on the individual’s belief system. And through conversation and one-on-one interaction, we use the first session to problem solve with the power of the breath, ”says the 47-year-old, who explains how to explore the source of a belief that has generally been formed. in our early years. That is, experiences which are stored in our subconscious and which can generate negative or positive emotions. “It all comes down to our idea of ​​happiness and joy. Do you want your happiness to be on a phone call that you are waiting for, or for you to find that joy within yourself without looking for it outside? Deepika asks, concluding, leaving us a lot to think about.

The process can take anywhere from six weeks to six months, price on request after a free consultation. Make an appointment via [email protected]