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Cottesloe Skin Clinic Dr. Clara Hurst de Blanc has expanded again to meet demand


One of Perth’s leading cosmetic doctors thinks the ‘Kylie Jenner look’ has given the cosmetics industry a bad name.

But for London-trained Dr Clara Hurst, owner of the luxurious Cottesloe Blanc salon, the issue has driven clients to seek out the ‘natural’ results her Napoleon Street Clinic is renowned for.

“I think people were at one point obsessed with big lips and cheekbones and everything so extreme, which personally, I think, ages you,” Dr. Hurst told AAA.

“I don’t think as medical practitioners we should allow that. I don’t think it’s ethical to do that to people, personally.

“The tables have shifted a lot towards a more natural look. I think that overdone look is over which is fantastic. We love it.

Since opening Blanc in 2020, Hurst, who trained as a dentist and co-founder of skincare brand The Secret, has overseen the growth of the business from just two staff members, herself. included, to 16 employees and more than 6,000 customers.

“Within maybe three months (after the first opening) we were sold out. And I thought that was awesome. I would like to attract more people because the demand was so high that we just couldn’t keep up,” she said.

Camera iconKylie Jenner. Credit: unknown/Instagram/Kylie Jenner

“Our clients come to us specifically because they want a natural result.

“Most of the time what they want to do is they don’t want to look younger, they want to look fresher, they want to be the best for their age. want to look 10 years younger. They just want to look maybe a little less tired.

To keep up with demand, Blanc took over the adjoining store last year and recently expanded its footprint again.

“It’s really important that the same quality of service is maintained, so I don’t believe in expanding quickly because I think you can lose that personal touch,” she said.

“I really believe in companies starting small and then figuring out what formula works before they get big. I think a lot of companies don’t succeed because they start too big, too early, and invest too much upfront.