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Creating “buzz” – Eugene Weekly


Bee’s knees is a classic cocktail made with gin, lemon juice and honey. The recipe has been revamped with the collaboration of local Thinking Tree Spirits distillery and GloryBee honey to create what Thinking Tree Spirits CEO and co-founder Emily Jensen says is a “perfect and delicious cocktail” to celebrate spring. .

Thinking Tree Spirits works with the nonprofit Save the Bee facilitated by GloryBee to produce bee’s knees, the newest addition to the distillery’s line of ready-to-drink cocktails.

GloryBee is family-owned and has operated in Eugene for 45 years, while Thinking Tree Spirits opened in 2016 after two years of repurposing and renovating the century-old building in which their tasting room is housed. sustainability and sourcing high-quality ingredients has led to the bee’s knees partnership, where every ready-to-drink cocktail purchase will support the nonprofit Save the Bee.

“It’s a cool product with a really good story that’s about something much bigger than a honey company and an alcohol company,” says Jensen. “What a great way to celebrate this one hundred year period by raising the bee’s knees again.”

Jensen says this partnership began with Thinking Tree Spirits sourcing blackstrap molasses from GloryBee for the rum. The bee’s knees collaboration was born after GloryBee President Alan Turanski reached out to Jensen to revitalize the classic cocktail.

She says Thinking Tree Spirits’ goal has always been to create spirits that truly taste like Oregon. “Our whole philosophy has been this: we strive to bring people together and use spirits as a conduit to create the world we want to live in,” Jensen says. “It’s really in our DNA as an organization; we are better together and sustainability is good for all of us.

Lynne Fessenden, Save the Bee and Environmental Stewardship Lead for GloryBee, says the nonprofit Save the Bee is near and dear to the founders’ hearts as beekeepers. She says GloryBee is dedicated to providing “high-quality, ethically sourced ingredients that feed people and the planet.”

“We have built a reputation on the fact that people can rely on our products and our honey,” says Fessenden. “We really are the honey experts.”

Fessenden says the partnership between Save the Bee and Thinking Tree Spirits is different from some of their other partnerships.

“Working with Thinking Tree is just a pleasure because they’re here and part of our community,” says Fessenden. “GloryBee is not going to save the bees on its own. We need everyone together.

Jensen says Thinking Tree Spirits is a farm-to-bottle distillery. It partners with over seven different farms and businesses to use high quality local ingredients in its distillery. Euphoria Chocolates supplies leftover nibs to use for chocolate rum while Johnson Family Farms supplies boysenberries for boysenberry liqueur. Mountain Rose Herbs botanicals and soft white wheat from Camas Country Mill make Main Stage Vodka and Gifted Gin, the distillery’s primary spirits.

With the collaboration of bee’s knees, GloryBee honey will be used in the ready-to-drink cocktail and 1% of the turnover will be donated to the Save the Bee campaign.

Jensen says the Eugene community’s continued support for Thinking Tree Spirits has been important to the company throughout the pandemic and now is an incredibly exciting time for the company. She says the distillery is proudly run by women and powered by the community.

“We have a big vision as a company and the Eugene community has reflected that vision with us from day one,” says Jensen. “We are truly interested in continuing to create a world of beauty and helping Eugene into a space of healthy prosperity.” v

You can purchase ready-to-drink cocktails from Thinking Tree Spirits at 88 Jackson Street. Hours are noon to 10 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday, closed Monday. Visit ThinkingTreeSpirits.com for more information.