Home Beauty recipe Damn me! Best Cheap Skin Care Products in Australia.

Damn me! Best Cheap Skin Care Products in Australia.


Very recently I stumbled upon L’Occitane’s Cult Almond Shower Oil ($ 39) – and the holy mother of shower oils, am I converted.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would happily spend more than $ 10 on a product I would use to wash in only five minutes, but I’m happy to admit (for once) that I was wrong.

Paired with their Almond Shower Scrub ($ 35), this duo makes you feel like you’ve stepped out of one of those chic day spas.

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There have been different occasions when I have spent a lot of money on a product, but you know what? Fifty percent of the time, they weren’t that great. Luxury isn’t just about the price… it’s about how YOU feel.

And while I’m a big fan of spending your hard earned money on what you want, the reality is that sometimes that isn’t always possible.

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So, I launched it to our You Beauty Facebook group and asked them to share their favorite products that give them that extra feel – without breaking the bank. Here is what they said.

“I LOVE Glow Recipe Moisturizer. Since using it my skin looks amazing and gives a dewy finish morning and night. It smells great and I also love the look of the packaging. same is so luxurious. My face thank you for it everyday. ” – Courtney.

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