Expanded real estate credit

Discover our new range exclusively dedicated to expanded mortgage lending! A range of focused on the acquisition of real estate. An innovative and efficient product at the same time thanks to interest rates unbeatable on the market and the possibility of including in the plan the purchase of real estate loans and / or a cash envelope, but also the redemption shares of SCPI.

Real estate credit revisited!

Real estate credit revisited!

The real estate credit revisited is a mortgage whose field of intervention is much broader than the classic mortgage loan.

The object of the credit allows:

  • acquisition of real estate (principal, secondary or rental residence)
  • the of real estate in the new (completed or off-plan)
  • the of real estate in the old
  • building (only via CCMI)
  • the acquisition of shares in SCPI
  • Marchmain work familyment (included in the overall amount of the transaction)
  • unrestricted cash up to € 20,000

We note that some work can be financed in the case of an acquisition in the former for example. However, the works should not be the main focus of the. We also point out that SCI (real estate companies) are eligible for the only if the tax system is to income tax. No purchase of managed rental residences.

The characteristics of extended real estate credit

The characteristics of extended real estate credit

The extended real estate loan is intended for salaried and retired customers, but also annuitants, liberal professions and SCI for income tax purposes. This product is not eligible for tradesmen and entrepreneurs, autoentrepreneur, etc. The maximum age of loan completion is ninety-five years. Applicants must not present any bank records to the Banque de France (FICP and / or FCC).

In order to qualify for an extended mortgage offer, applicants must submit at the time of filing their application for a study, a debt ratio of less than fifty percent. The number of credits in repayment must not exceed number of ten loans. The study of the client file (s) is carried out through the analysis of the last three months of all bank account statements.

No rejection of the levy must be pointed at the account (s), otherwise your file is refused because this is unacceptable. The maximum debt ratio after the maximum allowed transaction is forty percent insurance (s) included. The minimum amount of the must be € 22,000 and the maximum € 2,500,000.

The benefits of expanded mortgage

The benefits of expanded mortgage

Our expanded mortgage offer has many advantages over a real estate loan offer issued by a conventional deposit bank. As soon as you proceed to the purchase of your mortgage by an external bank, the latter always requires the domiciliation of bank accounts.

This entails the payment of income, as well as all withdrawals and transfers made to the account. In other words, the new bank becomes your default account. With the Marchmain family Marchmain family real estate loan renegotiate your real estate loan in changing banks! If your file has been previously refused to cause intervention fees charged to account during its instruction, then you will get a favorable opinion with the expanded mortgage credit because this is not crippling.

The expanded mortgage is the opportunity to obtain the best interest rate with the conditions mentioned above. Get a fixed lending rate of 1.95% over 25 years. over 35 years possible at a rate of 2.55% fixed and can reach a loan age of 95 years.

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