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Helpful Ideas for Running Your Long Distance Logistics Business


Delivering goods across the country or overseas requires a skilled hand and a sharp mind in the control room. Having great and experienced drivers helps a logistics company tremendously, especially those with excellent working knowledge of the areas they will be passing through. However, without proper back-to-base management and guidance, road closures and reroutings can cause countless problems, especially during strictly time-critical and emergency deliveries. To help you, we’ve put together our best ideas for running a logistics business, especially one that operates over much longer distances.

Schedule issues
When it comes to leading a fleet on the map, one of the best things to do is to expect the unexpected. Traffic accidents, road works and general delays should always be taken into account, and keeping your eye on the ball as a logistics manager is essential for the efficient operation of your entire fleet. Implementing a contingency plan is useful for any business, and one that aims to help you and your team resolve issues that logistics businesses may face is a great move. Knowing alternate routes at the start of each trip, for example, will allow you to effectively redirect your drivers before they get stranded, causing further delays. It is also worth planning for issues that arise with your drivers and your vehicles themselves, such as breakdowns or health issues, in which you can then send a backup driver to take over.

Use the right technology
The use of technology is very important when managing a fleet, especially one that is large and travels long distances. The regulations state that all your vehicles have a tachograph, of course, but being able to analyze this data can be tricky, especially if you have an analogue tachograph. It is worth installing a digital device instead, which allows remote downloading of the tachometer. Using the tachograph and driver card download, such as those offered by FleetGO’s analytics software, means you can gather and record the speeds and distances of all the vehicles in your fleet on the move.

Choose the best routes
Especially when it comes to long-distance logistics, choosing the right routes is so important. Not only does this reduce the delivery time as much as possible, ensuring that your customers are as satisfied as possible with your service, but it also reduces costs as well as your carbon footprint. Not only should efficiency and cost-effectiveness be considered, but the safety of your drivers and other people on the roads should also be. If you send your trucks down narrow, winding country roads as a shortcut, you have to remember the increased risk to the safety of your driver and those around him. Choose the best and safest routes possible to minimize accidents and reduce costs.

Consider automation
In addition to useful tachograph download technology, it is important to try to keep up with other developments in the digital age. Companies around the world are implementing new technologies into their business models, and those that enable increased automation can dramatically improve the efficiency, effectiveness and productivity of your logistics business. Implementing technology that automates your customer services as well as technology that can compile all the raw data for your deliveries and assignments will allow you to streamline your processes and ultimately improve your service for your customers.