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Hina Khan doesn’t wear makeup to promote self-love. Photos inside | Health


  • Social networks are full of filtered images. In the middle of the crowd, we spotted Hina Khan in her natural unfiltered skin.

By Tapatrisha Das, Delhi


Every time we open up social media we are struck by the fashionable celebrity appearances. But in the midst of it all, we often forget how many filters and makeup they put on to look like they do. With each passing day, social media keeps increasing the stakes when it comes to appearance, dress and behavior. But on Wednesday we stumbled upon Bollywood actress Hina Khan staring at her unfiltered in her natural skin.

The actress shared several photos of herself on her Instagram Stories and talked about the need to embrace our natural skin. In one of the photos, Hina shared a snippet of what her face looks like when she wakes up – makeup-free and naturally beautiful.

“I wear my own skin today,” Hina wrote. She also spoke about the benefits of loving our natural skin. She said the real meaning of being beautiful is accepting ourselves into our true selves. “No filter, no makeup. HK (Hina Khan) loves his flaws, ”the actor added.

Hina is in the mood to take care of herself. She asked her Instagram family to take care of her skin because it is the best accessory. In another Instagram story, she shared a selfie of herself smiling at the camera and wrote that while filters are fun, it’s time we started loving ourselves. “We must also love and accept our true selves,” she added.


Hina Khan’s Instagram Story. (Instagram / @ realhinakhan)

While it is pleasant to put on make-up on the skin, the advantages of doing without make-up are numerous. The skin becomes more balanced and less prone to bacterial exposure. The acne breakout is less likely to occur and fine lines become less prominent over a considerable period of time.

But unanimously, we agree, with or without makeup, Hina still looks so lovely in the photos.

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