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How brides can achieve that natural glow


Most girls have dreamed of their wedding day and becoming a bride from their earliest days. It’s one of the most important days of her life, with all eyes on her from start to finish. Now, while jewelry, makeup and the keychain can be planned out to the smallest detail, healthy, glowing skin will be the icing on the cake! Glowing skin for the biggest day of your life cannot be achieved overnight. You definitely want to start working on it way ahead of time. Glowing skin is nothing but good, healthy, hydrated skin. Oh, and it’s quite possible and easy to experience it gradually over a period of time.

Here are 10 natural tips for brides to get that glowing skin so that it looks gorgeous on D-Day.

Body massages

Your body needs some self-esteem and care for that beautiful bridal glow. Regular massages improve immunity, improve circulation, and start to feel brighter and more active.

Balanced diet

Your diet is crucial. After all, you want to don your unique exquisite lehenga and look fabulous. Eating a healthy diet, paired with the right amount of protein and fiber, is sure to give you that natural glow that makes every bride glow, look young and glamorous.

Facial treatments

It is absolutely obvious, however, what to keep in mind is that you need to start your skincare well in advance. If you have skin problems, treat them professionally. See a good dermatologist and establish a regular routine for your facials. Consistency is the key and your skin will shine like a star on your special day.

Quality sleep

They say sleep like a baby for a reason. If you are well rested, your body, mind and skin will be rejuvenated and reflect a healthy glow. Also, let’s not forget that it helps prevent dark circles. So sleep well and dream.

Double cleaning

A good daily double cleansing routine will help you remove makeup, excess oil, dirt and toxins from your skin. Double cleansing will also give your skin cells a chance to revitalize – making them appear brighter and devoid of any dullness.


Yoga is known to build strength and aid relaxation. Regular practice helps you feel beautiful inside out. This in turn ensures that you keep that glow on the outside as well.


We’ve all heard of the benefits of proper hydration. Drinking enough water over a continuous period of time flushes out toxins, giving your face a natural glow while preventing pimples and acne from indigestion.

Cut down on alcohol and caffeine

We all love our tea, coffee and spirits. However, they can be harmful for you as they hydrate your skin and can cause rashes, pimples, etc. So if you want that sparkle, don’t forget to say no.

Dry brushing

Dry brushing provides major benefits for the skin, including exfoliation and increased blood circulation. It is also an overall measure of well-being. So, you not only feel great, but your face also has a beautiful flushed glow.

Balance is the key

We all know how important it is to find a balance in everything we do. Don’t overthink or overdo it. The idea is to feel and look your best without straining yourself. This will ensure you get that beautiful bridal glow.

With contributions from Payal Shankar, beauty and lifestyle designer at Trell.