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Maldives Adventure Guide – Coveteur: Closets, Fashion, Beauty, Health & Travel


Overwater villas, private pools, a personal concierge, exquisite dining, and unique spa services all seem like the perfect recipe for a dreamy honeymoon. While the Maldives undoubtedly offers an idealistic escape for lovers, JOALI Maldives and its newly opened, wellness-focused sister property JOALI BEING, are changing the hospitality scene on their two secluded islands just 40 minutes away. by seaplane from the country. capital island of Male.

From JOALI’s first eco-luxury resort, as your seaplane descends over the Indian Ocean, you immediately feel a sense of well-being as you gaze at the expansive promenade connecting the 49 overwater bungalows to the mainland where the resort center is located. the station. 24 private beachfront villas. The architecture of the resort blends harmoniously with its natural surroundings with thatched roofs and flowing lines that take advantage of the turquoise waters as a backdrop.

While you’re perfectly content not to leave your private villa or beachfront residence, JOALI offers endless amenities scattered throughout the property’s mainland. A few minutes’ bike ride along the winding promenade, surrounded by native vegetation and endless stretches of white sand beach, you will find the resort’s four restaurants and organic garden, main swimming pool coupled with a bar and lounge area. cigars, a fitness center and an exclusive spa. , a ceramic studio, a tennis court and a marine adventure center that offers every possible amenity or activity that guests could want, from jet skis to paddle boards to snorkeling equipment, kneeboards, navigation options, and the list goes on.

With endless amenities and an incredibly remote location, the inevitable environmental impacts are heightened in such a valuable part of the world. JOALI fully understands their responsibility when it comes to maintaining the environment they call home and have thought far beyond their single island. The resort employs a dedicated sustainability director who oversees efforts across the island while innovating their current efforts and developing new initiatives for maximum impact. Whether it’s working with local fishermen who practice rod fishing in an effort to protect the rich seas of the Maldives or their resident marine biologists who have developed a reef restoration project to nurture the surrounding corals of the island, sustainability is at the heart of JOALI’s operations.

JOALI has also recently launched their new property just 15 minutes away by boat – JOALI BEING. A first of its kind in the Maldives, JOALI BEING is an immersive nature wellness retreat that gives you the opportunity to experience a transformative journey of self-discovery while finding the joy of weightlessness.


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As soon as you arrive at JOALI BEING, you can immediately feel that the journey you are about to embark on will truly change your life. Staff gather to greet guests as they arrive at the architecturally notable arrival pier, Gate Zero. The design of the structure is inspired by the skirt of a Semazen dancer, the Turkish swirling dance which is a cultural form of active meditation and spiritual trance. Egos, and the greatest weight in the world, are meant to be left behind at Gate Zero as this moment sets the tone for the global journey.

As you meander through the winding sand paths, thatched-roof structures begin to appear among the lush native plantings. On one side of the island, you will find a promenade connecting 35 overwater villas and 33 beach villas scattered throughout the secluded island. At the center of the resort are the four different dining options, a bespoke tea bar in place of a traditional liquor-heavy bar, the country’s largest fitness center and, of course, the largest spa and wellness center.

Within the wellness center are various “transformation spaces” which form the heart of the resort. From Areka, the wellness center reception, you have the option of meeting privately for an integrative lifestyle or nutrition consultation that helps inform and organize specific treatments throughout your stay. In addition to integrative consultations, you can also see resident Ayurvedic or Chinese medicine practitioners for a more in-depth review of your well-being.

As you move through the resort’s wellness sanctuary, you’ll find uniquely structured treatment rooms scattered throughout as well as Kaashi, the hydrotherapy room that honors the tradition of water healing. The particularly unique space offers treatments such as a traditional Turkish hammam, watsu, Russian baya, Aufguss sauna, Himalayan salt inhalation room, and sensory deprivation room.

In between treatments, and as clients seek to refuel, the culinary options offered by JOALI BEING are simply exceptional, focusing on a ‘farm to table’ concept. At FLOW, you’ll find an open-plan dining space with three signature cuisines offering vegetarian and vegan options, a dedicated pescatarian selection, and a JOALI BEING blend of local flavors. For breakfast, FLOW offers an endless assortment of fresh fruit, local yogurts, artisan pastries and freshly squeezed juices, as well as an appropriate menu of traditional breakfasts with a conscious twist. By the main pool, guests can dine casually at Mojo, the dedicated lunch restaurant that serves hearty, light meals. Each menu of the different restaurants also includes a key that customers can refer to when considering which of the four pillars they are focusing on for the holistic wellness experience.

While there are distinguished (and welcome) differences between JOALI Maldives and JOALI BEING, a passion for crafting exceptional vacations for travelers is felt at both properties through attention to detail and thoughtful offerings. ‘another world. A truly choose-your-own type of destination paired with the remarkable backdrop of the turquoise Indian Ocean make this an unforgettable experience that hopeful guests should consider more than just a romantic getaway, but simply to revel in. of the joy of living and of experiencing the joy of weightlessness.