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Maxwell Park Groundbreaking Ceremony


CARDINGTON – This is a dream come true and although the Dream Man is no longer with us, Cecil and Kathryn Maxwell’s family and community expressed their appreciation for his “dream” when Maxwell Park opened on Saturday the 25th. September.

Almost 20 years ago Cecil, a former mayor of Cardington, sent a letter to the village council, setting out his plans for the development of the park along Whetstone Creek within the village limits. This land was part of the Riverside Dairy Farm, a family heirloom that began with his father, Paul Maxwell.

To “revive” his vision, he donated to the village the 32 acres of the dairy farm that is now Maxwell Park.

Since then, the village has worked to develop this land into an attractive park with a huge shelter, gravel parking and a discovery trail on foot or by small pedal vehicle. Serenity in the heart of nature is the key to this park located at the edge of the village but sheltered from noise.

During the dedication ceremony, Cardington Mayor Susie Peyton thanked the Maxwell family for the donation. “I’m sure Cecil and Kathryn Maxwell would be very happy with the progress made,” she said.

The park is located off East Main Street just after crossing the bridge.

Peyton said the project would never have reached this level of completion without the work of Danny Wood, Clint Johnson, Tim Edgell, Cheyenne Marteney, Kameron Smith, Pat Moodispaugh, Milt Wallace, Deb Fry, Jim Clinger and all of the employees. past or present village, each of them deserves the merit of this work which includes clearing the land, widening footpaths and planting grass seeds.

“They salvaged and refurbished used picnic tables for the refuge and trails,” she said. “They also designed and built the Maxwell Park sign which includes the history of Maxwell Park and trail maps.”

“Most importantly,” said the mayor, “they spend a lot of time maintaining the beauty of Maxwell Park by mowing and landscaping every week. “

The mayor said the park was used by many people, including school children, and later that afternoon a cross-country ski meet was organized by the local high school.

The ribbon cutter for the park’s grand opening was Cecil and Kathryn’s daughter, Janice Maxwell Haynes, and her husband, G. Haynes of Delaware.

Maxwell’s daughter, Jeanne Vaughan of Avon Lake, commented. “I am overwhelmed by the beauty of the park. I know how hard they worked. It’s great to know that the city has taken such great care of the park. I am so proud of them.

She also gave credit to Larry and Jean Smith and Don and Linda Harvey “who have worked on this from the very beginning”.

In attendance were members of the Cardington Village Council: Diane Haycook, John Nippert, Troy Ruehrmund, Nancy Edwards and Steve Burton. From Lakeside, several former neighbors of the Maxwells when they owned Hospitality House.

Individual Riverside Ice Cream Mugs were distributed to guests courtesy of Rob Lil, Riverside Ice Cream, Marion. This is the same ice cream recipe that Cecil and Kathryn used in their dairy business operation.

Kathryn Maxwell died in 2010 and Cecil in 2014.

Inauguration of Maxwell Park on September 25. Shown, left to right: John NIppert, Steve Burton, Troy Ruehrmund, Gillbert Ullom, Duanna Ullom, Mary Weiler, Janis Maxwell Haynes, TG Haynes, Jeanne Maxwell Vaughan, Brianna Haynes, Mayor Susan Peyton, Nancy Edwards and Diane Haycook. The ribbon cutter was Janis Maxwell Haynes.


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