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My Mineral Makeup in Lewiston Makes Natural Makeup Affordable – Dailyfly.com Lewis-Clark Valley Community


My mineral makeup

LEWISTON – Kristen Graves, owner of My Minerals Makeup, works every day to make sure the women of the Valley can look beautiful with her affordable natural makeup.

Graves has always been a fan of natural makeup because it is simply better for your skin. Typically, in the usual products there are a lot of heavy metals and toxins which can cause skin problems. About three years ago Graves had the opportunity to take over My Minerals Makeup and learn how to make the products on her own, and the business has grown steadily since.

“If you look at the ingredients of other products,” Graves said. “They’re full of cheap fillers that clog your pores. Instead, we use natural clays which blend into your skin and, in turn, wear out better. With our products, even after the gym, you will be even more beautiful ”.

My Minerals aims to make makeup affordable, with all-natural ingredients, and make it work. The idea is that the products should apply better to your skin over time instead of flaking and wrinkling and smearing. This is possible because it is easier for the natural formulas to blend into your skin.

A unique aspect of My Minerals is that you can get matching colors on products that allow community members to wear their perfect shade. With Graves’ customers being one of his favorite parts of running the business, his goal is to make sure everyone has the perfect product.

“I love working with the people and women of the valley,” Graves said. “I have met so many great people and I love how open people are and want to learn more about natural makeup. Our customers are so loyal and loyal, which is why I am so passionate about making our products affordable ”.

My Minerals Makeup has a plethora of items to choose from in their storefront and online. Foundation, lipstick, primer and more. The Graves company even offers to create your own eyeshadow palette. Individuals can choose the shades of their choice from a huge wall of colors. It also ensures that the pallet itself is more durable. You have the option of reusing each one by reloading the color of your choice.

A new aspect of the beauty world that Graves has recently started to tackle is natural skin care. My Minerals offers a variety of face serums, moisturizers, clay masks and more.

My Minerals Makeup creates its own products and has its storefront on Thain in Lewiston. They also ship all over the United States, however, to get color matching and to learn more about their products, stop by Tuesday through Saturday 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. or visit their website https: // www .mymineralsmakeup.com /? fbclid = IwAR1ymyWNJbpr-A9LDiLT8o85AmeakrAEcrRH1xHaK3kphXsxkm0Ng9rDJOs