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Now open: Lip Lab by Bite


Lip Lab is now open at the Mall of America, an experiential retail concept that allows customers to have a fully customizable experience by creating their own bespoke shade of lipstick.

The concept was created by Bite Beauty, the cosmetics brand best known for its clean and cruelty-free products1. Its Mall of America Lip Lab location marks its first storefront in the Midwest and fifth overall, with additional locations in Toronto, Las Vegas, Irvine, Brooklyn and Soho.

So what exactly goes into creating a bespoke lipstick? The experience begins with meeting your on-site Lip Lab “color expert” and answering a few questions to guide the process. After the consultation is complete, the color expert begins to mix colors for customers to try to give their opinion.

One thing that surprised me was how quickly we landed on my sunglasses. I ended up choosing two shades: a natural one for everyday and a bolder, brighter shade for a special event I had that night. For example, the first iteration of my custom lippie was a little too Barbie pink for my liking, so I asked that we neutralize by adding a more nude pigment. Also, I tend to prefer glosses to sticks, so my color expert suggested I go for the “luminous” finish which gives the same shiny effect that I like in my favorite glosses in my cosmetic bag. .

Sure, that might be a bit of an investment – with a custom lipstick at $ 60 and each additional at $ 40 – but the whole process is fully customizable down to color, flavor (choose between vanilla, mint , lime or mango), finishing and engraving (that’s right, you can even name your creation). But if you’re like me, you’ve spent a ton of time, money, and effort wandering the aisles of Sephora trying on some nice but not quite right colors. Overall I would say it’s worth the price.

Dressed in the brand’s signature red and pink, this spot is great for social media: glowing rings line the counter, and it even has a designated selfie wall stamped with giant technicolor lip designs. Think of it as the perfect place to show off that new pout.

Lip Lab is open on the first level of the west wing of the mall. Try a walk-in or make an appointment in advance. bitebeauty.com, @bitebeauty

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September 21, 2021



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