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Ron DeSantis Turns Thanksgiving Prizes Into Fundraising Pitch


Govt. Ron DeSantisThe re-election campaign turned the inflation issue into a pitch for donations on Monday, highlighting soaring turkey prices and Thanksgiving fixings.

“Thanks to the disastrous policies of Joe Biden and its leftist allies, Americans will experience the most expensive Thanksgiving IN HISTORY this week. Record gasoline prices, skyrocketing inflation and a worsening supply chain shortage – all of this puts a strain on hard-working families during the holiday season, ”said one. e-mail, containing an essay allegedly written by the governor himself.

DeSantis closed with a bang.

“As you’re going to fill up on gas and see the highest prices in years, you can thank Joe Biden. But just remember Governor DeSantis is answering the call and help is on its way soon, ”the email read, referring to the governor’s announcement that he intends to urge the Florida legislature to suspend the state’s 26.5-cent gasoline tax for a series of months. , savings that will come at the expense of more than $ 1 billion in government revenue.

DeSantis started the week with press conferences at gas stations in Daytona and Jacksonville, flanked by lawmakers presumably in favor of the proposal. Boasting about its frequent visits to gas stations, DeSantis said the rise in gas prices reflected a concomitant rise in consumer prices.

“Dude, this inflation is real, and we’ve got to do something,” DeSantis said, noting that rising prices are a “huge problem” for “blue collar” and “fixed income” people.

While inflation is indeed a concern for Florida blue collar workers, it has not hurt DeSantis donations.

His campaign account just started raising funds this month, but he had nearly $ 63 million in his Friends of Ron DeSantis political committee as of October 31.

Political observers are eagerly awaiting the first campaign account deposit, due on December 10 for the November financial activity.

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