Home Beauty recipe Salma Hayek lives in Justin Bieber’s former 17-bedroom mansion – and that’s EPIC

Salma Hayek lives in Justin Bieber’s former 17-bedroom mansion – and that’s EPIC


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Salma hayek lives with her husband François-Henri Pinault and their 14 year old daughter Valentina in an incredible 17 bedroom mansion in London, which Justin bieber is supposed to have once called home.

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The 55-year-old left France in 2014 and reportedly started renting the house in 2017. There has been no sign that the couple have bought any new property since, so we can only assume that they are. remained in place. It would be spread over three floors and has its own indoor pool, gym and cinema, wine cellar and tennis court.

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WATCH: Salma Hayek and daughter Valentina make surprising confession about London house

Like a boss co-featured Tiffany haddish spoke about her visit to the property while they were filming together in 2020. “She let me come over to her house in London and sleep,” she said on Hello America.

“She has this princess bed – you know, she’s like the richest person I know – she has this bed that’s a circle and it’s like a canopy and it was like a princess bed. smelled like Sleeping Beauty! “

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Salma Hayek’s dining room

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Salma shared photos that inadvertently revealed glimpses inside her home in the past. She had previously shared her taco recipe with her followers, and the clip showed a rustic wooden table in the middle of the dining room.

Salma Hayek’s living room

salma hayek salon z

One of Salma’s living rooms has a large bay window bench, with gray and pink cushions. The space is designed with herringbone wood flooring and cream walls, and a baroque-print pink rug and an upholstered coffee table add character to the space.

salma hayek office z

Another image of Salma as she made a Zoom call showed her sitting on a white armchair, while a black grand piano is seen in the background.

Salma Hayek’s corridor

salma hayek corridor z

Salma’s grand staircase proved how lavish the house is, with dark oak wood railings and a black and cream stair runner held in place by silver metal rods.

Salma Hayek’s bathroom

salma hayek bathroom z

Salma offered a peek at her bathroom when she posted a selfie from her tub. It showed white sash windows throughout the house and a white flowerpot on the windowsill.

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