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Should we wait for Apple Watch 7 or buy Apple Watch 6 now?


The Apple Watch 7 is potentially a few weeks away from making its big debut, as long as Apple sticks to its regular September keynote schedule.

Whether it’s hosting individual launch events like last year or reverting to an all-in-one device extravaganza, Apple will likely launch a new laptop next month. But what if you want to buy an Apple Watch before then?

As the best smartwatch around, the Apple Watch 6 is still on display in Apple stores and other tech retailers. However, it’s likely that the nearly year-old model will be retired once the Apple Watch 7 hits shelves. This is why you might wonder if you will face buyer’s remorse by purchasing the soon-to-be-discontinued model now.

I could argue in favor of waiting and seeing what the Apple Watch 7 has in store, but I could also provide a few arguments as to why your patience won’t pay off.

Here are three reasons why you should wait for the Apple Watch 7, and two reasons why you should get the Apple Watch 6 now.

Wait for Apple Watch 7: you’re ready for a redesign

There are several signs that the Apple Watch 7 is different from the Apple Watch models we’ve seen in the past. The appearance of the Apple Watch has remained largely unchanged since the launch of the first model in 2016, but the iconic squircle could be changed to better follow the design language of the new flat-rimmed iPhones.

Rumors of a flat-sided Apple Watch gained momentum when leaker Jon Prosser shared a series of renderings earlier this year. Although Prosser has covered the timeline of the major design change, saying his sources could have passed on information for a different future Apple Watch – not necessarily the Apple Watch 7.

But another set of renderings released this month reveals plans for a flat overhaul. The reportedly leaked CAD renderings shared by 91Mobiles tease an all-flat design, display included. If you want others to know that you have the latest tech or don’t like the curved look of the existing Apple Watch, rumors of aesthetic alternation are worth the wait.

Wait for the Apple Watch 7: you are a fan of the UWB

The interior of the Apple Watch is also expected to change. According to Bloomberg, the Apple Watch will include “updated ultra-wideband (UWB) functionality.” radio communications.

Interest in the company’s positioning technology gained momentum with the launch of Apple AirTag keyfinders. As we’ve seen with AirTags, UWB radios provide precise location and spatial awareness, allowing compatible devices to determine their exact position relative to other devices nearby.

The watchOS 8 software that ships on Apple Watch 7 adds the Find My app to locate your other Apple devices, plus additional digital key support, so people can get into cars, hotel rooms and more. more with a virtual wallet on the wrist. But with the pace of improvements and new features in Apple’s U1 chip, I believe the next-gen smartwatch will have some exclusive benefits for those who believe in UWB technology.

Wait for Apple Watch 7: You’re hoping for an increase in battery life

A report suggests that Apple will use System in Package (SiP) technology from its Taiwanese supplier ASE Technology to make a dual-sided S7 processor for the Apple Watch 7. This move is expected to free up space in the next smartwatch.

What will Apple do with the additional real estate? No one outside of the company can say for sure. But if there is a chance that it could be used for a larger battery, it is worth the wait to find out.

Apple Watch battery life has been rated at 18 hours for several years now. And while the company has added more demanding features like an always-on display, you can’t get around the daily fee. Perhaps with a larger battery capacity and a more efficient processor, the endurance of the Apple Watch 7 will improve over previous generation models.

Buy Apple Watch 6: you are not convinced by the health improvement rumors

It’s good to admit it: the Apple Watch 7 leaks were annoying. While the above reasons for waiting to wait may convince some buyers, it’s possible that the next Apple Watch won’t offer anything particularly interesting compared to the current Apple Watch 6.

Now that the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 has arrived with Body Composition Analysis, allowing users to estimate your body fat percentage, muscle mass, and more from their wrists, all eyes are on Apple for s ‘adapt to improved health in small groups.

Previous rumors indicated that the Apple Watch 7 was being monitored for blood sugar. Now, the smartwatch doesn’t seem due for this, although it would have been a game-changer for users with diabetes or who want to track their blood sugar. That leaves us with little to work with, rumor hunters.

A report from Bloomberg suggests that the Apple Watch 7 will refresh the wearable’s swim tracking features. Unless you’re a water sports enthusiast, there might not be much else to convince you that the Apple Watch 6 is a poorer activity tracker than the Apple Watch 7.

Buy Apple Watch 6: you are a bargain hunter

Perhaps the best reason to buy the Apple Watch 6 now is the best Apple Watch deals with big discounts on last year’s smartwatch. Last time I checked, you can find the Apple Watch 6 for up to $ 100 off some models. When the Apple Watch 7 releases, it will be a few months before we see the new model on sale.

Keep in mind that you can also find deals on the Apple Watch SE and Apple Watch 3, although these smartwatches have older chips and no always-on displays.

You can also check out our Apple Watch 7 vs.Apple Watch 6 guide for everything we know about inbound upgrades, if you’re still unsure whether buying now or waiting is right for you.

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