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Sun Prairie Plans to Change School Board Composition to Reflect Areas of Attendance | Local education


They also suggested that the change would divide the community.

“Electing board members based on high school attendance areas will only serve to foster division, rather than act in unity as a collective ‘us’,” they said. writing. “The district has focused on equity and inclusion and that thwarts those efforts.”

Petition co-organizer Staci Uebersetzig argued that the proposal does the opposite.

“Sun Prairie is going to have two high schools, and there will inevitably be some form of division – good, bad, whatever, that’s what happens,” Uebersetzig said. “I have the impression that our proposal is almost preventive, we want to do something before we reach a point where there is a division of one half of the city against the other, one school against the other, and bring it together in unity before we even get there.

Other districts in the region have a variety of approaches, although none divide seats by areas of school attendance.

The Madison Metropolitan School District, which also has seven board members, has numbered seats, but they are all at large.

In the Verona region school district, four members are at large and can live anywhere in the district, while three seats are geographically based, with one member from regions outside the cities of Verona and Fitchburg, a another from the city of Fitchburg and another from the city of Verona.

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