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The largest animal therapy center in Pune, Swakaya starts operations – Punekar News


Pune, July 3, 2021: Happiness means different things to different people. Yet somehow its roots are still deeply tied to a happy meeting of mind, body and soul.

Swakaya, a wellness center located in the heart of the city at the Boat Club opened in Puneites today. The center offers pet therapy and alternative holistic healing solutions. It is perhaps the largest center in town where cats, dogs and rabbits play the role of furry healers!

This unique center is what Lipi Khemka, the Founder-Director of Swakaya, considers her “soul call”. She offers various therapies and healing solutions to restore the positive balance of Life.

Since it’s a well-accepted theory that caring pets heal people’s lives, it’s no wonder that animal-assisted therapy is a growing field. Fur animals help people recover or cope better with health issues, such as heart disease, depression, cancer, and mental health issues. Interacting with a friendly pet can help with many physical and mental issues. It can help lower blood pressure and improve overall cardiovascular health. It can also release endorphins which produce a calming effect. It can help relieve pain, reduce stress, and improve your overall psychological state, she says.

“In this center we have 7 dogs, 8-10 cats and 7 rabbits to help patients and the center has partnered with Animal Angels to help them with the same. All the animals are trained to help humans and they go through a year of training before they are introduced to help patients, ”Khemka explained.

Care can be offered to children, adolescents and seniors and our sessions start from Rs 400 per hour.

Lipi’s passion for creating a place where “no questions go unanswered and health is a top priority led to the birth of Swakaya, a center where the benefits she reaped will touch many other lives.

Speaking about the future, she said: “Plans include first attaching to schools once the pandemic is over and introducing children to the animal world. Next, collaboration with hospitals to help provide treatment to terminally ill patients will also be considered. “

“This fundamental harmony of the elements is something that everyone should have access to, and I was determined to bring it to a platform that would be welcoming to all! says Lipi Khemka, the founding director of Swakaya.

Lipi firmly believes that this complete healing of body, mind and soul should never be a luxury one cannot afford. Lipi Khemka sees herself as a modern and ordinary social woman, balancing her home and work with ease! And yet, she had to face adversity head-on. She faced various life-changing challenges throughout her journey when she discovered the incredible power of alternative healing therapies and holistic treatment options while striving to find balance.

Soul Therapist Nandini will bring 20 years of expertise to guide the journey of souls lacking positive balance. The concept of Soul Healing is simply the amalgamation of a bunch of alternative healing techniques, which will serve as a radar for each individual to find a positive balance in life. The Soul Therapist will use meditation and healing tools to iron out repetitive patterns of life and karmic clearance in relationships, circumstances, and destiny choices. Issues related to love, soul mates, finances, children, illnesses, the pursuit of purpose in life and emotional well-being will be addressed.

Swakaya, the wellness center, is located in a beautiful 7,500 square foot configuration at Boat Club Road. He intends to bring together the essence of natural healing techniques, ancient therapies and modern alternative healing initiatives. This center is open to all Puneites to experience it.

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