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The local zero-waste, small-batch beauty brand we can’t wait to try | Style


Local artist and social entrepreneur Jenny Murphy’s all-natural line, called Not Makeup, is gaining traction with a loyal following. Tints, glosses, balms and perfumes for cheeks and lips in small batches give consumers the power to treat their skin and self in a lasting way.

“It’s in the name,” said Murphy. “It’s not makeup. It shifts the idea that makeup is permanent and changes your face. It’s a different way of using it, a different mindset on how to take care of and beautify your skin.

Murphy started the product line during the COVID-19 pandemic, although she had been making and using her own beauty products for years. The founder and former executive director of Perennial, a local non-profit organization that teaches people how to lead sustainable and empowered lives, also works as an artist and teacher. The launch of Not Makeup allowed her to combine her passions as a designer and an advocate for the environment by creating zero waste products.

Photo courtesy of No Makeup

“All of the products I use are natural waxes that hydrate and improve the quality of your skin,” describes Murphy. “I add color from the plants. I use all compostable packaging. Even the tubes [the products] come are on paper.

It also sources materials from a limited number of suppliers who pride themselves on using organic, ethically harvested and sustainable ingredients.

“It’s something magical to me about the brand,” says Murphy. “When you buy things, it’s [often] always stuff in your life. When you use this balm or gloss, it disappears, as if it never existed. To think that this product wears off the more you use it – that it doesn’t impact that way – is cool.


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