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The makeup technique that promises a natural finish


After a few seasons in our beauty wardrobes, blush is finally back – and undoubtedly the makeup product of the moment. While we’ve all been caught up in the contouring craze in recent years, makeup today is much more subtle. Instead of applying legions of bronzer, the 2021 beauty aesthetic involves tinted “your skin but better” moisturizers, a brown winged liner, soft cream highlighters – and lots and lots of blush.

Makeup artists have been exasperatingly urging us for years that blush is a shortcut to a fresh complexion, but we mostly refused to listen. Now the blush, especially the cream persuasion blush, has seen a revival as we all crave healthy flushing on the cheeks again. Celebrities like Madison Beer and Nicola Peltz have also recently started dabbing a decent amount of color on the bridge of the nose for a youthful, faux tan effect.

But since most of us are a little rusty when it comes to application, it’s easy to mess up your blush by putting on too much, putting it in the wrong place, or not mixing it properly. That’s where this classic makeup technique called “underpainting,” which has been around for a while but has recently seen a revival on TikTok comes in.

The #underpainting hashtag has now received over 7 million views on the platform, with users swearing by it for a natural finish that makes skin feel like color is subtly emanating from within.


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Do It – Chloé x Halle

As @lysbeautyofficial demonstrated, it’s all about applying your blush – much of it, really wrapping – under your base. That’s right, before foundation and concealer. You then use your foundation to blend on top, buffing the color to a seamless finish. You then apply a small amount of powder on top to set, and your blush should stay in place all day.

Try painting your blush next time and see for yourself!

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