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These 4 brands offer both fashion and clean beauty


Designers will be the first to admit that the world doesn’t need more brands, and yet we crave beautiful things that make us feel good, inside and out. As buyers, we’re always on the lookout for our next crush, whether it’s fashion or beauty. This is why many brands today choose to do it all, creating a complete lifestyle for their customers.

This is exactly what these four companies do by offering natural beauty products and clothing or accessories.


Saie was founded in 2019 to prove that makeup can be “clean, cool and unforgettable,” said brand founder and CEO Laney Crowell.

After Crowell quit her job as a fashion editor at Estée Lauder, she started a blog where she wrote about health, wellness and clean beauty. She was constantly testing products and, over time, she realized that there was a big gap in the color market for “clean products that performed very well but also had a chic and branded image. fashionable, were not too expensive and were concerned with sustainability, ”mentioned.

After having had many conversations with her followers on social media, who were also looking for cute, affordable and clean products, she started Saie with a mission to change the way people approach beauty.

“I have always been very aware of what I put in my body and wanted to be just as sure what I put on my body,” she said. “I was rehab in all areas of my life – nutrition, meditation, and ultimately beauty – but makeup was so far behind. I didn’t want anyone to have to choose between clean makeup they should buy and cool makeup they wanted to buy. I wanted to create a world where both could exist. “

Due to her background in fashion, she has also always paid a lot of attention to style. So she said that it was very important to her that Saie had a chic design and packaging that made buyers excited to see the products in their makeup bags.

That’s why she decided to offer Saie merch, such as a make-up bag in the brand’s signature lilac, a tote bag and the Saie x JOON. lilac face mask, which is their stylish and durable take on what has now become a wardrobe staple. Aside from its beautiful color, texture, and design, what’s great about the silky mask is that it won’t smudge your makeup Saie, not even the new super creamy Sun Melt bronzer that the team is bringing. to launch to give customers that deep summer sparkle.

“Beyond good makeup, we wanted to promote a good lifestyle and a good brand. The merchandise we offer reflects that,” Crowell said.

Mr. Smith

Mr. Smith was launched on November 1, 2015 in Australia and is now available in over 10 countries around the world. Founder David Justin said he started the brand because he wanted to develop a hair care line that reflects his personal values: something he would feel comfortable using on himself, which is ethical, sustainable, clean and aesthetic.

“Being Australian made and owned, we are fortunate to have access to a huge selection of beautiful ingredients and it would be naive of us not to capitalize on this opportunity,” said Justin, speaking of his commitment to natural products. “It’s really important for us to know where the ingredients come from so that we can guarantee their quality.”

Mr Smith’s team are currently in the process of setting up their own ingredients farm and growing facility on Melbourne’s Mornington Peninsula.

In addition to shampoos, hair masks and hair pigments, the brand also sells reusable backpacks, travel bags and tote bags.

“Selling merchandise is very important because it creates a bond between the customer and the brand. As a consumer myself, I like to support the brands I use in a number of ways, so having high quality merchandise, such as tote bags, bandanas and toiletry bags, is very important, ” Justin said.

The founder said he often takes inspiration from what he sees on the catwalk, from the hairstyles, length, cut and color of hair to the products used. He and his teammates are also constantly taking notes on trends in the fashion industry and listening to customer feedback. Soon, they hope to introduce more fashion products to support their beauty product launches.

Mint & Rose

Founded in California in early 2012, Mint & Rose’s philosophy has always been clear: to offer flawless craftsmanship, premium materials, Mediterranean-inspired designs and locally produced products.

“If we’ve learned anything from the past year it’s that sometimes we have to slow down our pace of life a bit, stop, breathe and think,” said the Mint & Rose team. “Taking care of ourselves inside and out and choosing high-quality products that are as natural as possible goes in this direction.”

It is for this reason, they say, that they have decided to expand the brand’s product line and offer their community a “more complete Mediterranean lifestyle”.

They now offer clothes, shoes, bags, accessories and beauty products. Their most recent launch included three body oils, a hand cream and two different scented candles, all made in Spain, like their coveted sneakers.

“Taking care of yourself on the inside,” the team said, “is also closely related to the type of products you choose to wear outside.”

Bella Skin Beauty

Bella Skin Beauty founders Diana Shneider and Alexandra Bella have just released a comfortable 100% cotton waffle dress to complement their all-natural beauty line.

The mother-daughter duo, known for their luxurious body oils, serums, tonics, facial scrubs and more, said they created the bathrobe because they wanted their clients to have a true in-home spa experience. . After all, the two started their business in 2019 in order to detox their bodies after Shneider suffered from health issues for years, so the well-being of the whole body has always been a priority.

“We want every customer to feel like they are experiencing something wonderful while using their own beauty,” they said.

Shneider and Bella launched the dress earlier this month and have already received wonderful feedback from shoppers who have said their skincare routines have improved. And because they want to continue to provide their customers with a complete beauty experience, the founders said they are looking to introduce more loungewear and merchandise.

“Here at Bella Skin Beauty, we absolutely believe that beauty and fashion go hand in hand. Beauty and fashion are powerful categories that help us look and feel more confident,” they said. , adding that they wanted to do everything possible to make their customers “feel the power of clean beauty and beautiful fashion.”


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