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TikTok ‘Jump’ program will allow creators to connect to third-party mini-apps, like recipes and quizzes


TIC Tac today announced a new company called TikTok jump, which will allow creators to link to various mini-apps in their content, including recipes, quizzes, and the ability to make restaurant reservations, all designed by third-party vendors.

While the potential use cases for Jumps are limitless, their intention is to dynamically extend the TikTok experience to real-world action, product manager. Sean kim wrote in a corporate blog post. The Jumps are compatible with HTML5 and require minimal technical integration, according to the company, which makes them particularly easy to build and deploy.

A select group of creators are currently able to use Jumps, and the feature will continue to roll out more widely, TikTok said.

In terms of developers, the first beta contributors include a kitchen app Whip, meditation app breath, Wikipedia, learning tools company Quizlet, sports statistics platform StatMuse, and restaurant guide Tabelog. Some examples of jumps include soothing breathing exercises, Spanish and French vocabulary flashcards, interesting sports stats, movie reviews, and beauty tutorials. Other partners who will be launching Jumps in the coming weeks include BuzzFeed, learning app Jumping rope, messaging IRL, and content recommendation service Watch.

Applications to become a Jumpsuit Supplier are available here.

“We are thrilled to be a premier partner in TikTok Jump,” Whip Leader Nick holzherr said in a statement. “Since launching a limited beta earlier this year, TikTok and Whisk have helped solve a long-standing problem that recipe makers face: how to enable TikTok users to view and save the full content of the recipe. “

You can check out the action of Whisk’s Jump below:


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