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Top 4 treadmills recommended by fitness experts


For serious walkers and runners, the ease of an inclined platform is always the eye-catcher.

Sunny Health & Fitness has 12 incline levels (with 0-12% of grade level). The treadmill can go up to 8 miles per hour and has Bluetooth with phone and music function to provide users with a mood that favors it.

It also incorporates smooth mobility, which can provide an extra cushion when it comes to treadmill movement inside the home.

It also has 12 built-in programs for your convenience, can support 240 lbs, and packs a 2.2 HP motor to top it off.


  • Cups and paper / magazine holders for walkers
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Pulse sensors and handrail buttons


  • Noisy engine
  • Requires careful assembly
  • Little difficult to move


The running surface, engine, technology and warranty are some of the features that most users look for when choosing a conveyor belt, with space constraints growing in recent times and with more and more tenants, features such as foldability, wheels, weight and user-friendly vibe play a key role in the purchase.

The article suggests a variety of machines with various mixed breeds of treadmills to suit each type of user so that he can opt for an optimal solution.

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