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Travel retail is an “incredible” platform to showcase the sustainability journey – Rituals


Melvin Broekaart, Director of Global Travel Retail at Rituals Cosmetics, highlighted the importance of travel retail as a global platform for brands to communicate their sustainability stories.

Speaking at the recent Tax Free World Association (TFWA) Asia Pacific Live event in Singapore, Broekaart said: “If there’s one amazing place – and perhaps the best platform or stage in the world to tell stories – it’s travel retail.

“People spend their time being captive, behind customs and waiting for their flight. They have this magic hour that they have to really soak up sustainability messages and discover products. »

Broekaart explained that the travel retail channel has a great opportunity to be a port of call where travelers can “find sustainability first”.

In recent years, and especially in a post-pandemic world, sustainability has become a prerequisite for every business and brand.

Asked later about the dangers of overselling sustainability to consumers, Broekaart said CosmeticDesign-Asiathat he ” does not exist “.

“I think the subject of sustainability and sustainability is so broad and we’re only scratching the surface at the moment when it comes to finding out what sustainability will look like for every brand owner, retailers and the travel channel in general. Oversold? No, not in the next decade, I dare say.

Instead, he said brands need to help consumers resonate with their sustainability efforts by “break it down”.

“There is a need for more precise definitions of sustainability, which is broad enough for us as a brand owner. There’s so much in this mandate that I think is hard for a lot of people to fully comprehend.

He explained that Rituals broke this down into three pillars: clean, caring, and aware.

Each pillar has a goal that the brand hopes to achieve, for example, under the clean pillar, Rituals has pledged that all of its personal care products are formulated with over 90% naturally derived ingredients by 2023.

In January, the Dutch beauty and wellness outfit became a certified B company after three years of transformation.

Rituals is one of a small handful of beauty companies that have achieved B Corp status, which helps the brand fight greenwashing.

“[Greenwashing] highlights one of our key drivers for becoming B Corp certified. I think the best way to convince, or at least share with consumers, is to have an independent third party say it on your behalf.

“If you choose a very tough, independent party like B Corp, for example, I think the message becomes even simpler, more honest, more open and very transparent.”