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Variations of glute exercises: how to strengthen the glutes?


Yesour gluteal muscles are essential to stabilize the hip and help us balance ourselves, so it is important to exercise them correctly.

The main job of the glutes is to keep us upright and help push our body forward, they provide proper pelvic alignment and provide propulsion when we walk or run. Strong glutes are also key to reducing knee and back pain.

We have therefore produced a short guide to help you strengthen your glutes and ultimately improve your athletic performance.

1. Dumbbell to Squat Press

Get two small dumbbells and lower yourself into a regular low squat position holding the dumbbells just above your shoulders. Push up, engage your glutes, and raise the dumbbells directly above your shoulders to complete one rep.

2. Barbell hip thrust

Place a barbell on your hips and focus on keeping your back straight rather than arching. Plant your heels firmly on the floor and push your hips up, engaging the glutes until your hips are aligned with your shoulders and knees.

3. Sumo squats

Start in a standing position with both feet wider than shoulder width apart, feet turned about 45 degrees.

Lower yourself into a deep squat and keep your glutes engaged. You can add dumbbells in each hand or a barbell on your back to increase the difficulty.

4. Side lunge

Start in a standing position with your hands on your hips. Next, step sideways with the toes still pointing forward, shifting your weight onto the side-shifted foot, bending the knee to allow the hips to lower.

Once there is a 90 degree angle between the thigh and the knee, push the same foot back and stand up. Repeat on both sides to complete one rep.