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We tried Kleresca, the revolutionary LED skin treatment


Try as we can fight it, we are all getting old. And while we are all in favor of maintaining a more natural look and graceful aging, when we hear about a revolutionary non-invasive treatment that can press the break on those fine lines while also helping to get rid of it. acne, healing scars, and generally boosting your natural glow, well, obviously we’re going to be looking at that.

Introducing Kleresca Skin Rejuvenation, the revolutionary LED treatment that’s gentle on the skin and big on results, with studies showing it offers a whopping 400% increase in collagen production. And now you should know that more collagen means younger looking skin.

With a little help from the team at Absolute Cosmetic Raine Square, we put the treatment to the test to see if it matches the hype. Here’s what you need to know.

What is Kleresca

Inspired by photosynthesis (yes, what plants do for energy), the Kleresca treatment uses the energy of fluorescent light to stimulate the skin at the cellular level.

The combination of the photoconverter gel, which contains chromophores, and the Kleresca LED lamp, helps convert fluorescent light into luminous energy and stimulates your own repair mechanisms, activating those much-loved collagen-producing cells that may have become a little loose over the years. .

What to expect during treatment

First, you sit down and discuss your skin condition and concerns with one of the specialists at Absolute Cosmetic to make sure the treatment is right for you and discuss the number of sessions recommended. This will include talking about any allergies so they can take them directly to Kleresca to verify that it is safe for you to continue.

On your first session, expect a quick cleanse before applying the fresh orange gel all over your face. Then your little safety eye shields are put on and the flashlight is pulled out. Just like any LED skin treatment, it will look quite bright (even with eye protection) and can be a bit hot and tingling, especially towards the end of the treatment.

Honestly, I found the whole thing to be quite relaxing, but if you start to feel a little uncomfortable trying to relax, the whole treatment takes less than ten minutes. Once you are done, the gel is removed and your face is cleansed one last time before applying heavy moisturizer and you are sent on your way. Easy, right?

You then rinse and repeat the number of sessions recommended by your specialist. I’ve been there for five out of five weeks with my specialist suggesting that it’s best to wrap a few more tightly at first to really double the effects, and then you can just go every now and then if you feel like that. you need a supplement.

What to expect after treatment

After each session you notice an immediate difference, but because you’ve started your skin’s natural repair, the effects improve over time. The 12 week mark is when the real magic begins to happen.

I have noticed improvement in skin texture, reduction in the size of the pores around my nose, reduction of old scars, and much less breakouts. So overall my skin looked a lot better than when I walked in, and I wasn’t the only one who noticed – the compliments confirmed it wasn’t just me imagining it.

Everyone is different, but for the most part, there isn’t too much to worry about when it comes to side effects. You might notice a little hyperpigmentation (tan and freckles) for a few days after the session, but honestly, I found it pretty cute (I mean, it’s like the Insta irl filter, right?). Others have also noticed a little redness or swelling, but again this will go away within a few days. There is also no downtime after your session. I like this!

The verdict

Having already had LED treatments without noticing too much change, I honestly didn’t expect much from Kleresca but oh how wrong I was. This treatment has really helped me take a turn for the health of my skin and honestly it hasn’t looked so radiant in years.

The fact that it is fast, super gentle and long lasting is also big points in my books and I wasted no time recommending the treatment to friends.

If you are starting to feel the effects of aging or are looking to reduce those pesky pimple scars, I would definitely suggest that you book for a Kleresca consultation at Absolute Cosmetic.


Now let’s talk about dollars. Like any good skin treatment, it doesn’t come cheap, but it’s no different than a lot of other skin solutions you’ve no doubt splurged on. One session can cost you $ 300, so depending on how many you do, you might consider an initial investment of over $ 1000. But that’s it, it’s an investment. Since the effects improve over time, you will hopefully save on other skin treatments… well, that’s how I like to think about it.

To find out more or book a consultation, go to Absolute Cosmetics website.

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