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What local bands to see at Pub in the Park


Two weeks in Nashville

Our guide to the best local talent performing at this year’s Pub in the Park…

Two weeks in Nashville: July 8 evening session

“Two Weeks in Nashville is made up of Billy LeRiff, Marc Deluca and Ian Wilson. We’ve been playing together for three years and our sound takes on the nostalgic bands of our childhood such as U2, Coldplay, Pulp, The Rolling Stones and The Killers, all in a modern palette. We’re also looking for current artists like Sam Fender and Inhaler. We came up with our band name after spending two weeks in Nashville. That trip really defined who we were in terms of songwriting and philosophy of our group, so it seemed only fair to reflect that in the name.



The Paul Dunton Orchestra

The Paul Dunton Orchestra: July 10 afternoon session

“I like to describe us as a unique cross-over orchestra offering an atmospheric fusion of alternative and pop with a classic twist. We take influences from many artists including Pink Floyd, Elbow, ELO, Turin Brakes, Massive Attack, Damien Rice and also some contemporary composers such as Samuel Barber, Ludovico Einaudi, John Barry and Hans Zimmerman.The Orchestra also performs some of my own original compositions.The line-up consists of 8 violins, 4 cellos, a guitar, a flute , bass and percussion with Paul on vocals and piano, Charlotte Andrew and Poppy Raine as lead vocals.



The Charlie Rivers Band

The Charlie Rivers Band: July 9 afternoon session

“The Charlie Rivers band started in late 2008, and we’ve been through a lot of different releases and lineups between then and now. Our current band is a five piece acoustic rock band and includes band founder Charlie Rivers on vocals and guitar, Ashley Rushman on drums, Dalma Gebe on fiddle, Steve Mealing on bass and Wayne Brummer on guitar . American and country bands strongly influence us but we play a very wide variety of styles. Some of our influences include Dave Matthews Band, John Mayer, Pearl Jam, Coldplay and Luke Coombs.



Sun Charmer Ⓒ Grim Valentine Freelance

Sun Charmer: July 9 evening session

“We are an indie rock band made up of four musicians, Paul Crisp (vocals/guitar), Josh Brice (guitar), Sam Dann (bass) and Jasper Morris (drums). We’ve been writing and performing our own material since we came together on a lonely Valentine’s Day in 2016. Our sound combines influences from music and film to create a vibrant mix of modern indie injected with riff-rock and of 70s surf music. Some of our main influences include The Arctic Monkeys, Royal Blood, David Bowie, Led Zeppelin and T. Rex.