Home Alternative guide Wine of the week: Sparkling wines from Austria: Brundlmayer Blanc de Noirs 2015 to celebrate the New Year – $ 89 Jurtschitsch Brut Rose-Method Traditionelle – $ 31.99, for Valentine’s Day | The Weekly of Time

Wine of the week: Sparkling wines from Austria: Brundlmayer Blanc de Noirs 2015 to celebrate the New Year – $ 89 Jurtschitsch Brut Rose-Method Traditionelle – $ 31.99, for Valentine’s Day | The Weekly of Time


Austrian sparkling wines may not have been the first item on your holiday shopping list, but they deserve pride of place in all your celebrations to come.

Austrian Sekt, or sparkling wine, is considered one of the highest quality sparkling wines in Europe. Founded in 2013, the Austrian Sekt Committee is one of the best sparkling producers in the world.

Dry, aromatic and expressive, each of the three levels -Klassic, Reserve and Grosse Reserve-is governed by strict guidelines that include the use of traditional methods and minimum aging requirements.

Austria is a country of pristine beauty with a history that exudes quality and tradition. After all, it is the birthplace of the world’s most famous composer. Its capital is Vienna, the cultural center of the Western world. Do I have to say more.

Austrian sparkling wine is represented in a grand way by Brundlmayer Blanc de Noirs 2015 ($ 89). The Extra Brut Langenlois Grosse Réserve is produced according to the Traditional Method and can be paired with the best Champagnes. Lively, dry and refreshing, it incorporates lively citrus and stone fruit flavors with a heady blend of toasted notes from careful aging that make it both a delicious aperitif and the perfect accompaniment to a festive meal. . An invigorating reading of 12% alcohol makes it the perfect dinner companion for any special meal you have in mind. Creamy Thermidor lobster or tender veal or beef tenderloin medallions in a savory sauce poured over homemade noodles, parsley potatoes or Spaetzle balls.

Save some for a dessert of light, feathery pancakes coated in sweet berries flambéed with some sparkling wine and you have the makings of a celebration with its own flavorful fireworks display!

Keep Jurtschitsch Brut Rose Klassic ($ 31.99) handy in your wine fridge or cellar for Valentine’s Day. If this Austrian sparkling wine doesn’t inspire romance, nothing will. He’s one of the unsung heroes of the sparkling wine world, but he deserves his own opera aria.

Made from a combination of international and indigenous Pinot Noir, Zweigelt and Sankt Laurent grape varieties, this delicious sparkling wine rivals all of the best rosé champagnes on the market. Flashy forest berries blend harmoniously with sassy spices and a hint of mint to make a succulent bite that’s a prelude to a Valentine’s kiss.

For those unfamiliar with Austrian sparkling wines, just one sip of these delicious bottles will be a game-changer. Austria has recently become synonymous with the new wave of ‘alternative wines’ flooding the modern wine landscape, namely Pet Nat. Now would be a great time to check out these new offers and become the first in your group to post your latest find.

Although Austrian Sekt has been produced since the 1840s, the public is only witnessing the results of this country’s new wine appellation. The Austrian Sekt Commission has formalized the three new classifications Sekt, Klassic, Reserve and Grosse Reserve. In 2015, the highest Australian sparkling wine category was established with the Sekt g category. U. PDO (Designation of Production if Origin). Due to strict regulations on aging, the top level of their bubbles has just been made available. So, lucky. A breakdown of the new categories is available online with the publication of the new Austrian quality pyramid Sekt GU.

All the qualities of Sekt gU are excellent with a wide range of dishes. A lot of people don’t think of sparkling wine with food, but CO2 actually acts as a flavor enhancer, making good food even better. The stronger the Sekt, the richer the taste of the food.

To learn more about Austrian Sekt, Zachary Sussman’s recent book “Sparkling Wine for Modern Times” provides an in-depth review of the Austrian sparkling wine category.

To learn more about Austrian sparkling wines and the Austrian Pyramid, visit Austrianwine.com.