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Woman turns her skincare routine into a startup and earns Rs 11 Lakh


After nurturing a baby inside you for nine months, the body and skin invariably go through many changes. Sometimes these changes are not welcome and can even leave a feeling of depression. The skin starts to look dull, you can feel the hair fall and even feel that the once taut skin is starting to sag.

In the case of Anubhuti Jain Mishra, a new mother from Lucknow, she experienced all of this and more when she welcomed her baby into this world.

Talk to The best India, she says: “My baby has been diagnosed with chronic kidney disease. We were referred to a hospital in Lucknow and that’s where he was born. I had to quit my high-paying job at Google to take care of my son. For the first few months, Anubhuti remembers having no time for herself.

“I suffered from hair loss, acne and various other skin issues. Not wanting to resort to regular commercial products, I started making my own (DIY) skin packs at home,” says- It is how Anubhuti – An Experience, was born.

“Stress and anxiety caused my skin to lose its glow.”


The rest a new mother gets after giving birth is important for her speedy recovery. In Anubhuti’s case, she says she did not find time to rest enough. “My child was born premature and as he had health problems, he needed constant monitoring. That didn’t leave me time to take care of myself. I gained weight and felt under tremendous stress and anxiety all the time.

As her child was admitted to neonatal intensive care units (NICUs) after birth, Anubhuti says she has met many other young mothers with similar issues. “Many of us were taking medication ourselves and none of it helped the skin and hair loss issues. The natural skin and hair care brands on the market were very expensive and not something everyone could afford,” she says.

It was with this realization that after almost six months, Anubhuti began to prepare her own products at home.

“Anubhuti was born out of the need to create a natural skin and hair care brand that was affordable and cost-effective for everyone.

“I started with the kitchen of my house. »

At an exhibition.

The brand was started as a way to find solutions to her own problems and Anubhuti says she has found so many others in a similar situation. This is what she attributes to the success of the brand. “I started by making a lip balm. This was all done in the comfort of my home kitchen. The lip balm is preservative free and has a shelf life of up to a year,” adds- she.

With an initial investment of Rs 2,500, which Anubhuti’s sisters gave her, she says, “Once a few people used the lip balm, they started asking me if I could also make skincare products. skin and hair. All the products I make have been driven by what my customers want,” she adds.

She says the journey so far has been filled with trials and tribulations. “I didn’t know anything about making these products – what kind of raw material to buy or even how to create the brand. These are all little lessons along the way for me.

Speaking of raw materials, she says that since she was only looking to manufacture small quantities, she needed small quantities. But that turned out to be another challenge.

“I found it difficult to convince vendors to supply me with smaller quantities of raw material. They weren’t convinced that I would continue in the business. Somehow, my gender kept me from doing business. I’m glad I’ve taken this step now,” she says.

A range of products

Some of the products.

Currently, Anubhuti offers a wide range of products ranging from soaps, lip balms and tints, creams, hair care products and even bamboo toothbrushes and combs. The brand also recently launched a range of kid-friendly products.

All these products are packed in glass or aluminum boxes. No plastic is used for any packaging. The products are made with natural ingredients and do not contain any chemical or artificial ingredients. The products are also pocket-friendly, with the most expensive product being Rs 499. “Everything is under Rs 500 and now we have nearly 60 products on our portal,” she says.

She continues, “The lip and cheek tint, anti-hair loss toner, shea butter shampoo and aloe vera gel are some of the best sellers.

Cheek tint

From hearing relatives scolding her for doing business to building a brand that has generated Rs 11 lakh in revenue since its inception, Anubhuti has grown steadily. Today, there are five other employees associated with the brand who help with packaging, taking orders and coordinating with customers.

Anubhuti’s products are currently audited by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and are expected to receive certification within the next few months.

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(Editing by Yoshita Rao)